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Schools of Life seminar in Kraljevo

by , Posted on 19th Sep 2014

Schools of Life seminar “Step by step – good practice in teaching and learning for quality education” was held in Kraljevo

One of NDF objectives within “Schools of Life –Together for Childhood” project is to help and support professional development of teachers in schools and preschools institutions where the project has been implemented. This time, the seminar “Step by step – good practice in teaching and learning for quality education” within “Schools of Life –Together for Childhood” project was organized for the teachers in the preschool institution “Olga Jovicic Rita” in Kraljevo. Held on September 12-14, it has been designed as teacher training program, accredited (reference number 390) and published in the Catalogue of programs for continuous professional development of teachers, educators, professional associates and principals for the school year 2014/2015. We’re happy that 27 teachers in PI “Olga Jovicic Rita” were part of the program.

The aim of the training program is to empower and motivate teachers to continuously improve their teaching practice, as well as to equip them with the competencies and help them develop skills needed to provide quality education for children. This refers to good interactions with children, teaching methods and techniques, creating a stimulating learning environment, individualized and inclusive approach to teaching, student progress monitoring.

The participants were able to share experiences, discuss and find new ideas for teaching children, communicating with parents and the local community.

Seminar - Kraljevo

The seminar was implemented by CIP-Center for Interactive Pedagogy, NDF partner in the project “Schools of Life – Together for Childhood”. The trainers were Vesna Zlatarovic and Olga Lakicevic, program coordinators. The quality of training was highly rated by the participants, average mark 3,84 out of max 4.

In addition to this seminar, another good news comes from Kraljevo. The reconstruction of another “School of Life” facility is almost completed. Children in village Sirca, near Kraljevo, can’t wait for the moment when they will be able to learn, play and discover new things together with their friends in the new kindergarten. Two classrooms will be equipped within “Jovan Cvijic” primary school for children aged 3-5,5 (attending four hours of daily education program), as well as for children attending preschool program. Swings, seesaws and jungle gym have already been installed on the school playground.

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