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“Schools of Life”: Jelena Ristic visits Ljig and Knic

by , Posted on 11th Apr 2013

Director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Jelena Ristic, visited Ljig and Knic on Wednesday within “Schools of Life – together for childhood” project.

She met with representatives of local municipalities and pre-school “Kaja” in Ljig, and announced kindergarten renovation in Kadina Luka.

“We are very happy with the meeting and how interested the municipality representatives of Ljig are for cooperation. We came here on behalf of the Foundation because it is one of the most underdeveloped municipalities in Serbia, and our wish is to help and provide better conditions for early childhood development and quality pre-school education programs for these children”

said Jelena Ristic during the visit.

“We are very optimistic about our further cooperation. These were only initial talks, we will also work with architects after the visit to see what it takes to adapt facilities for children in Kadina Luka.”

The Foundation director is aware that there many underdeveloped municipalities and communities in Serbia that need help and support.

“Our goal is to help, not to carry this project alone, because we want to wake people’s awareness and get municipalities and their residents to join together and work for community well-being. The world belongs to our children, they are future generations and the backbone of every society, so we want to devote the most attention and care to them,” Ristic said.

The “Schools of Life” project has inclusive programs for children with special needs and disabilities and Roma children.

“We want to include all children and to adjust programs to them. Not every child is the same, children need a specific approach from teachers to whom we will assist and train them to be able to work with children with special needs. We want to adjust and personalize approach for every child, in order to have more range for development, because every child deserves that chance,” said the Foundation director.

The Mayor of Ljig municipality, Miodrag Starcevic, expressed his gratitude for the Foundation’s efforts.

“I would like to thank the Novak Djokovic Foundation for choosing Ljig to be a part of the “Schools of Life” project. Our municipality will help this project. We chose a location that will primarily serve children from rural areas. Pre-school children from four, five local communities will attend classes in the renovated part of the kindergarten and they will have similar conditions to those that children in some developed areas have,” Starcevic said.


The location is in Kadina Luka, a village with a very low birth rate, in which only seven school pupils attend fourth grade.

Director of pre-school “Kaja”, Ljiljana Ivanovic, hopes the project to be sustainable.

“This project is very important. The goal is to provide better conditions for education and growing up for children between 3 – 6 years of age in areas that lack pre-school facilities. The location where space for children will be renovated is in Kadina Luka, an offshoot of “Sava Kerkovic” school. It is in a beautiful place, with a beautiful courtyard. They have an available room that can be adapted to meet the needs of pre-school. It would mean a lot for us as an institution, for the school and the local community. The Foundation will provide professional support and training for teachers who will work with children. We will do our best to make this project sustainable.”


After Ljig and Knic, Jelena Ristic will visit Kraljevo on Thursday and Raska on Friday.

The Foundation will implement the “Schools of Life“ project with professional support from the Centre for Interactive Pedagogy with aim to provide better conditions for education and growing up for children in Serbia.


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