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“Schools of Life” Inspired Life in Kadina Luka and Filled Classrooms with New Children

by , Posted on 18th Sep 2013

We have had no preschoolers in the village before, but now there are 12 of them! This happened thanks to “Novak Đoković” Foundation, which helped us to renovate this school and the school yard. NDF gave us a new chance, and inspired life in this part of Serbia.

These are the words of Marijana Obradović, an energetic, willful and enthusiastic head teacher from Kadina Luka, who is prepared to do all she can for the wellfare of the kids from the city of Ljig and the nearby villages.

NDF_KadinaLukaOtvaranje-2249wThere is no subject she does not know how to handle or explain to children. She is their friend and someone authoritative in the same time. Their bonds will be even stronger in the future, since they have completely new classrooms where they will be able to learn and spend time in school. Everything inside the building is now more comfortable, safer and nicer, with lots of didactic material and all other necessary things.

– What Novak and his Foundation did here, with the project “Schools of Life”, is just wonderful. Everyone from kindergarten “Kaja” and “Sava Kerković” school, who share this building, is very grateful. Unfortunately, before you came, we had to work in conditions from 19. century, things were in quite a poor state. But, thanks to you, it changed, and we arrived to 21. century! It made parents come to us, and ask about the possibility to enrol their children here. It is a magnificent fact, since these classrooms were empty in earlier period. There were no kids – says Marijana.

The teacher adds that everyone in the village and from around loves Novak so much, that they watch and remember all his mates.

– There is no child, no matter how small, who does not know about Đoković’s success and his kindness – explains Marijana, who takes care of 10 boys and girls from the first four classes in primary school from Kadina Luka.

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