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School Play in Kadina Luka

by , Posted on 14th Aug 2014

Children from the School of Life in Kadina Luka wanted to show everything they learned over the last year, so they have dedicatedly prepared a program and put on a school play for their parents.

The spacious school yard of the primary school “Sava Kerkovic” in Kadina Luka, where the first School of life was opened, was a meeting point for the children and their parents during June 2014. Children from the primary schools from two neighbouring villages of Slavkovica and Ba in the Municipalty of Ljig also took a part in the school play. This was an opportunity for the kids who attend the School of life and their slightly older friends from the primary school to show what they learned in dance and drama workshops over the last year.

Curiosity and anticipation grew very high since this event was first scheduled in May, but was cancelled due to the heavy rains at that period.


The play began with a dramatized story “Lost shoe,” and it was followed by various dance recitals which showed all the talent these kids have. At the end of the prepared program, around 40 pre-schoolers, older students, parents, and other guests came together and had fun and enjoyed this cheerful atmosphere.

It was obvious that the children felt stronger and performed with a lot of self-confidence in front of the large audience that gathered that day in the schoolyard of the School of Life in Kadina Luka. Rounds and rounds of applause alongside with the happy faces of the children and parents were the best testimony of the satisfaction and the feeling of success.

This was also an opportunity to mark the end of school year, and it was by no means the last event of this kind. On the contrary, the idea is to keep up with this kind of events in the future, and to give an opportunity to other children from the surrounding villages in the Municipality of Ljig to try themselves in acting, dancing, and other forms of artistic expression.


The School of Life in Kadina Luka is opened for all suggestions and propositions as well, and the organizers are hoping it will become a meeting point of future scientists, explorers, naturalists…. All ideas and people who would like to share their knowledge and skills with the pre-schoolers are welcome.

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