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School of Life Opens in Kraljevo

by , Posted on 28th Oct 2014

We’re so happy to announce that the fourth School of Life is officially open within the preschool institution “Olga Jovičić Rita” in the village Sirča, near Kraljevo! Novak Djokovic Foundation provided EUR  28.000  for the facility reconstruction, teachers’ training, new furniture, didactic materials and toys.

We have turned two old and empty classrooms into wonderful spaces for 30 preschool children aged 3 – 5, and additionally 13 more kids will attend the preschool program here. The classrooms belong to the primary school “Jovan Ristić” in Sirča, but due to lack of funds they have been in the “grey” phase after the earthquake in Kraljevo for a long time. No one used them, they were empty, sad, and deserted. There were no windows, floors, anything. We have changed this and there’s no doubt this will be a place of joy in no time!

Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, NDF project manager at the opening ceremony, said:

We are more than happy to open the fourth School of Life. Over the past few months we have worked hard in order to provide another preschool facility for children in Kraljevo. In addition to the reconstruction of the facility, our goal was to empower the educators and engage the local community in important issues related to the early education of children. Together we can do a lot to improve the early development of numerous children in Kraljevo and its surroundings. Moreover, good practice and exchange of experiences can help us improve and adapt educational programs to the needs of the local community.


Milena Bugarinović, principal of the primary school “Jovan Cvijić”, did a great job by providing the classrooms within the school for preschool children, supporting the implementation of the “School of Life” program.

Since the facility was in the initial phase of the construction process, a multitude of interior and exterior works had to be done. First the thermal insulation was installed, and then the works on the facade and installation of exterior doors and windows followed. Canopy over the entrance porch was placed, the stairs were repaired and an access ramp was built. New water supply and sewage distribution system was installed, as well as new central heating system in each classroom.

Milun Jovanović, Deputy Mayor of the City Kraljevo, said:

This project is essential for preschool children development, especially in rural areas. We want to express our sincere gratitude to NDF for being a part of this project. The reconstructed facility, that we open today, provides everything the children need. Now they will be able to develop their creativity and to become a part of preschool educational system. I’m glad the city of Kraljevo recognized the significance of this program and provided a space where these kids can spend quality time, learn and play.


Schools of Life program is designed with the aim to provide preschool education for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as for the children with disabilities.

Dragana Mitić, director of the preschool institution, said:

We are happy that children in Sirča will finally have the necessary stimulating environment to develop in a proper way and reach their full potential. Big thanks to NDF on behalf of children, parents and PI “Olga Jovičić Rita“.

NDF partner in the implementation of the “School of Life- together for childhood” project is CIF-Center for Interactive Pedagogy. Due to their professional help, “Schools of Life” became not only a place for children to learn and play with their friends, but also a meeting place for the local community.


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