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School of Life in Biljanovac in Nature

by , Posted on 17th Aug 2014

Children from the School of life in Biljanovac enjoyed spending their time in nature playing by the river Josanica, where they wrote notes and pieces of advice about protecting their river and placed them on paper boats.

The kids from the School of life in Biljanovac are giving their best to make the most of these rare sunny autumn days by spending their time in nature. Thanks to their educator Marina, who always has new ideas on how to make the stay in nature more interesting, the kids had an opportunity to explore the environment and discover its significance.


“Hurrah, we are going to the river”, shouted the loudest boy Marko, who enthusiastically led his friends to the riverbank of Josanica. Their mentor Milos Zorica, who came to Biljanovac to visit them that day, made this fieldtrip even more exciting. It seemed that the murmur of the river was playing with the noise the kids were making, calming it down eventually. Children eagerly asked questions and wanted all the answers right away: “Where does the river come from?”, “Does this river have its own spring?”, “Where does all this water go to?”, “How many fishes are there in this river and what do they eat?”, “Does our river run through other cities as well?”

While Marina and Milos were preparing the material for paper boats, some skilful kids were skipping stones, and the others enjoyed throwing stones into clear water. Each child put one note in the paper ship, hoping that they would be read by their peers from the towns this river runs through. Their notes were clear and instructive: “Let’s protect our river together”, “Let’s protect all the rivers in the world”, “Do not throw litter in water”, and “Let’s keep our river clear, pure and healthy”.


While the paper boats were sailing down the river Josanica, the kids were playing games and making sand sculptures at the river bank. They showed once again that their imagination knew no bounds, when it came to creating their own oasis to return to.

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