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“School of Life” in Biljanovac Unites Entire Community

by , Posted on 9th Dec 2013

The “Novak Djokovic” Foundation has helped Biljanovac to mobilize and unite. After almost 30 years, the rural school was reconstructed, and now we have a kindergarten and better conditions for our children. People will never forget that! biljanovac-skolica-zivotaWe heard all this from parents whose children will have the opportunity to attend preschool programs, thanks to the “Schools of Life” project. The locals from this village in the Raska region were more than pleased.

“Our children will no longer have to cross four kilometers and go to the surrounding villages to attend kindergarten or preschool. We now have our own! I can’t remember anyone doing something this good and important for Biljanovac. We would like to thank the NDF for initiating this action and for taking care of small towns and villages in Serbia”, said Dragan Milosevic, a father of two young boys.

Zoran Veljkovic, a father of two children from Biljanovac who attend the first and fourth grade, said that the donation of the “Novak Djokovic” Foundation means a great deal for their survival in this village.

“We’ve always wanted to have a preschool in our village, because it means a lot. If there is no school in a place, particularly in rural areas, then there will be no residents, they would move out. After this, some people who thought of going to the cities will surely stay in Biljanovac, because now, thanks to you, we will have better conditions for education of our children. Kindergarten and preschool are important as a strong knowledge basis, which will help children prepare for the first days in school.”

Veljković added that the NDF had mobilized the whole village and its locals to do what they can and help the reconstruction of the school building.

“Here, in the village, people want to do something to help. You mobilized us and motivated us to come together, unite and organize, to do what we can and make a contribution.”

Sasa Kasic, a father of two girls, invited other municipalities in Serbia to join the “Schools of Life” program.

“Our children are now able to make a faster and easier progress in years before school. The donation has mobilized all of us, showing us that together we can do so much. It’s also a nice message to others, to support this action and be part of the “Schools of Life.”

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