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Reconstruction of kindergarten Veseljko in Obrenovac has started!

by , Posted on 26th Aug 2014

NDF will donate around RSD 65 million for the reconstruction of central kitchen in kindergarten Veseljko, and renovation and equipping of the facility

The donation agreement for the reconstruction of central kindergarten “Veseljko”, which is a part of preschool institution “Perka Vićentijević” from Obrenovac, has been signed today by the representatives from Novak Djokovic Foundation, Belgrade’s Education and Children’s Welfare Department and the PI.

For renovation and equipping of the facility NDF will donate around RSD 65 million. The funds will also be used for complete reconstruction of the central kitchen, which ensured the food supply for all five kindergartens of this preschool institution before the flooding.

We expect the works to start in the next few days. There is a lot to be done, but everyone will do their best so that children return to their kindergarten as soon as possible, and continue with their daily activities

said Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, NDF project manager, upon signing the agreement.

NDF Obrenovac Veseljko Potpisivanje-slika 2

Snežana Đurić, the Secretary for Belgrade’s Education and Children’s Welfare Department, expressed her gratitude to NDF for the help and support. She explained that reconstruction of the facility “Veseljko” is crucial for the children in Obrenovac.

The reconstruction of damaged and destroyed schools and kindergartens in May floods is essential for restoring and improving the lives of people in flood-hit towns in Serbia. In this respect, kindergarten “Veseljko” is no exception. Before the flooding, its central kitchen provided meals for 1,500 children from all the kindergartens in Obrenovac. Therefore, its revival is crucial. On behalf of the City of Belgrade, Belgrade’s Education and Children’s Welfare Department, PI „Perka Vićentijević“ from Obrenovac, parents and the children from this kindergarten, I want to express my gratitude to NDF for this donation. Now we will be able to completely reconstruct the central kitchen and equip the kindergarten. I’m looking forward to our cooperation in the future

NDF Obrenovac Veseljko Potpisivanje-slika 1

Miloš Desančić, director of preschool institution “Perka Vićentijević”, also thanked NDF for help in the reconstruction of the central kindergarten.

Obrenovac has suffered the greatest damage by the unprecedented floods in May. Big thanks to NDF team who decided to help and support us in these difficult moments. Together we will do everything we can to bring make this kindergarten a happy, safe and modern place for children

NDF Obrenovac Veseljko Potpisivanje-slika 4

Kindergarten “Veseljko” is one of the five damaged facilities within the preschool institution in Obrenovac. The facility was 11 days under water during the floods, and it suffered damage beyond repair. Before the flooding, 250 children attended this kindergarten (total area is 1.418 m2).

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