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Reconstruction finished at kindergarten Galeb

by , Posted on 25th Aug 2014

Kindergarten Galeb has been completely reconstructed and equipped, and is now officially open. The renovation lasted two months with the costs totaling $136,000

The entire kindergarten in Petrovac on the Mlava was destroyed by terrible floods that struck Serbia earlier this year. The walls were ruined, and floors and furniture damaged beyond repair. We remember seeing children of Petrovac very sad, since this was the only preschool institution in their town. But, today they smile again because they start a new school year in the renovated and improved kindergarten.

Kindergarten “Galeb” is the first facility that has been renovated within the Flood Relief project, whose aim is the reconstruction of damaged preschools in the May floods in Serbia. The renovation of the kindergarten lasted two months, and the reconstruction costs were $136,000 in total, all covered by Novak Djokovic Foundation.

In the opening ceremony, Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, project manager at NDF, said that the whole team is proud that works on renovation have been completed as planned, and that children can now return to their activities from beginning of September.

Preschool institution “Galeb” is the first facility NDF helped and supported in the project of reconstruction of flood damaged preschools in Serbia. We are more than happy to see it officially open today, after the two months of hard work. I’m also very pleased that we have been able to provide new furniture and didactic materials, apart from the reconstruction works. Now the children will have locker drawers for under-bed storage, tables, chairs, shelves and lots of toys. We also provided lazy bags for each classroom, to make the space even more interesting for kids. Area of 800 m2 has been fully reconstructed and I hope that 370 children and employees in this kindergarten will enjoy every moment they spend here

said Džudža Jakovljević.

The works in “Galeb” included construction works, the repair of toilets, replacement of entire installations, and placement of new sanitary fittings. In the place of the old ceiling lights, there is now a new LED lighting.

To secure children’s safety, all radiators were covered with masks. Old curtains were replaced with the Venetian blinds. The access to kindergarten is now paved with granite tiles. The facade of the building was cleaned, and painted where needed. Most importantly – children now have a safe, modern and beautiful surrounding, where they will be able to develop, play, spend time, and DREAM.

On behalf of all citizens, Radisa Dragojevic, mayor of the municipality Petrovac on the Mlava, expressed his gratitude for NDF’s help and support.

NDF is a true example of solidarity, big-heartedness, and above all, modesty. Don’t mind us saying how much we admire Novak Djokovic and his foundation for everything they are doing for our country and people. Thank you on behalf of our children, for enabling them to return to this wonderful place, and once again play, learn and laugh with their friends

said Dragojevic.

On behalf of the children, parents and our staff members I want to thank NDF. After two months, the facility has been completely renovated and equipped with new furniture, didactic material and toys. NDF has shown us that there are people in this world with big heart and desire to help others. It is something we will never forget

said Tatjana Gligorovski, director of preschool institution “Galeb”.

Our big thanks goes to all the people of good will who helped us, and who donated money for the flood relief. We also wish to thank JRJ publishing house from Belgrade for providing numerous books for children in “Galeb”. It will certainly improve the education of children in this town.

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