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Progress on reconstruction of kindergarten “Veseljko”

by , Posted on 28th Sep 2014

We’re happy to report great progress on reconstruction of kindergarten in Obrenovac, that sustained damage beyond repair in May floods – a great team of construction workers is doing their best to ensure that children return to “Veseljko” as soon as possible.

Reconstruction of kindergarten Veseljko, that sustained damage beyond repair in May floods, is now underway. A great team of construction workers is doing their best to ensure that children return to their kindergarten as soon as possible. Given that the floods have caused tremendous damage in Obrenovac, there is a lot to be done regarding the facility reconstruction. At the same time, a great deal of thought is given to every detail. Construction, mechanical and electrical works are being carried out on the site and new water supply system is being installed.

The goal of the Foundation is to make this facility nicer than it has ever been, and to turn it into a more enjoyable place for children, in a very short time.

Complete facility demolition and dismantling were carried out from September 1-21st. The site has been cleared and prepared for the construction works.

A lot has been done so far, just as planned: all floor layers were removed to the concrete slab, partition walls in the kitchen were demolished, and ceramic tiles were removed in all the rooms, as well as facade joinery, metalwork and gutters. Existing water supply pipes were thoroughly tested.

Due to the complete central kitchen reconstruction, and the fact that all facility installations were in poor condition, all sewage pipeline’s paths were cut in the hallways and in the kitchen area. A channel was dug for the exterior water supply and sewer line installation. This was followed by punching of foundation slabs and deepening of the channel that connects nursery and kindergarten, in order to place new distribution system in the kitchen, hallway and all around the facility (exterior distribution system). The works on installing insulation are to follow.

Much of mechanical work has been done after the demolition and dismantling process. New distribution system for central heating is currently being installed (40% of this process has been finished by now).

Since the facility sustained severe damage due to flooding, it was necessary to check all the existing electrical installations, especially those in the central kitchen, as well as the outdoor lighting and distribution cabinets. According to the reconstruction project, all electrical installations had to be removed (including electrical cabinets for automation and ventilation, power cables, distribution cabinets and lights in the kitchen).

NDF team is working hard to help the Municipality of Obrenovac in creating safe, stimulating and creative environment in “Veseljko” kindergarten for its youngest residents, so that they can learn and play, and to enjoy this part of their childhood.

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