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NDF Devotes Great Care to Education of Teachers and Tutors

by , Posted on 15th Oct 2013

Schools of Life are not only the renovated rooms in rural schools, well-maintained buildings, new walls, floors and windows, heating system, teaching materials, blackboards… The Novak Djokovic Foundation project, which is already being implemented in municipalities of Ljig, Knic and Raska in Serbia, pays great attention to teachers’ education and training, by organizing numerous seminars with topics important for early child development.

One of those gatherings was held from August 30 to September 2, 2013, in preschool “Kaja” in Ljig. 29 teachers and nurses from Preschool Institution, and five representatives of the “Sava Kerkovic“ primary school, took part in the seminar called “Step by step – with high-quality educational practice towards knowledge society”, carried out by the Centre for Interactive Pedagogy ( CIP Centre).

The training focused on learning about the principles of education and upbringing aimed at children and the effective ways of encouraging the learning process. Participants had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills related to creating stimulative settings for learning, understanding the mechanisms of knowledge structure and implementation of cooperative learning techniques.

A similar seminar was held in Preschool Institution “Happy Childhood” in Raska, from August 23-25, 2013.
25 participants, teachers and other Preschool Institution employees, had the opportunity to share ideas and experiences, solve problems and discuss the possibilities of bringing work with children to a higher level.

Earlier this year, seminars on topic “Start from the beginning, the beginning is important – support the early childhood development and education” were organized in these two municipalities. The training program was aimed at empowering the participants to plead the importance of early childhood development and education, organisation and implementation of specific and specialized programs that respond to the needs and interests of children, strenghtening parents, local community and support for creating high-quality and accessible programs for preschool children, with emphasis on children from marginalized and vulnerable groups.

A meeting discussing Expansion of local community program and services network for children 3 to 5.5 years of age, was organised several months ago in Raska, Knic and Ljig. The main objective of the meeting was exchanging information among the local community representatives on the importance of programs and services for preschool children, and looking for opportunities for active involvement of parents and children in creating and planning programs and services for preschool children.seminar-ljig

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