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Implementation of “Schools of Life” project continues

by , Posted on 4th Jun 2013

NDF visited municipalities Raska and Ljig together with their project partner – the Center for Interactive Pedagogy (CIP) on May 29-30. 

During the visit, meetings were held with representatives of municipalities and local preschools, where they discussed the details of the contract on the “Schools of Life” project realisation.

The project aims to provide children, especially in rural areas, with a space where they will be able to play, socialise and attend quality early education programs.

Since the Foundation’s previous visit and the presentation of the Letter of Intent, an assessment has been made, together with experts in the field, of the buildings’ condition, evaluation of the adaptation works and furnishing.

Each municipality will receive a donation in the amount of 1,7 million dinars, which will include the teacher training seminars for employees, that will be organized by the CIP Center.

”We are very pleased that the local government has shown great interest in realisation of the project in Raska and Ljig municipalities. Together we have found rooms within the rural schools in Biljanovac (Raska municipality) and Kadina Luka (Ljig municipality) that will be adapted for pre-school children programs,” said Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic, project manager of the Foundation. “We discussed the details of the contract and possibilities for the municipal investment into objects where the „Schools of Life“ project will be implemented, in order to improve the overall conditions for preschool and school children residing there every day.”

The Foundation’s goal is to help, but also to wake people’s awareness and get municipalities and their residents to join together, work for community well-being and make this project sustainable.


The local government in Raska will provide assets for testing functionality of technical systems in buildings and for all necessary repairs, funds for preparatory work, and for adaptation of object where the elementary school pupils (Grades 1-4) attend classes.

The Ljig municipality will also provide funds for the necessary preparatory work and repairs, and extra budget money for the installation of heating in all rooms in Kadina Luka elementary school.

Signing of the contract on the “Schools of Life” project realisation is expected in the first half of June, once the decision is made at the Municipal Council meetings and approved by the Municipal Attorneys.


Children’s rights are to play and socialize, sing and laugh, ask questions, live with mom and dad, to be happy …

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