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Here and Now: Why is it important?

by , Posted on 6th Aug 2014

Milos Zorica, mentor in the School of life, speaks about the importance of involving and bonding entire community around the needs and interest of the youngest members, children

The School of life in Gruza was a place where children and grown-ups from this village met, which gave them an opportunity to learn about different life experiences in a specially designed programme over the course of entire year. Parents and other grown-ups from Gruza village and entire Municipality of Knic actively participated in this programme. They took a part in accordance with the needs and capabilities, some grown-ups played with children and learned together with them, others made donations so that the ideas of children and teachers could come true, and all of them participated in the exchange of ideas and impressions. In this way they created the School’s image and shaped the events in and around the School.

What I would like to share with you is not just the general story about the quality work in one educational group and one community, but also about the significance of the moment in which an individual finds himself, his involvement in the events, and about the environment and the atmosphere that makes this entire “here and now” experience special.

One “here and now” took place in the School in Gruza, in classrooms that were specially designed for the children. At that moment many different people met in one place and expressed their wish to socialize, to get to know each other and to play.

The GAME we play can and should be different to each one of us and we should take a part in it in different ways. During the game the youngest participant said: “Take a look at my caterpillar. Isn’t it beautiful?” A few “regular” members of the School proudly sat in their parents laps and tried to make art pieces out of homemade play dough. Their friends from primary school came to see what was going on in the School of life and as usual, joined the GAME. They took their task “seriously” and tried to help the youngsters by showing them how they play. The rest of us grown-ups were observing, providing help, talked and enjoyed it in our own way. Parents eagerly helped their children and proudly watched them make many pieces of art and various culinary specialities… until they got carried away by the game….


It is always the “hardest” for us professionals. We had to enjoy the moment and to make it even more beautiful and even more inspiring whenever we got the chance… until we got carried away by the game.

The eldest participant of this “here and now” is an enthusiastic granny, a permanent member of this fellowship who always comes and plays in theSchool of life. She was thrilled when she saw children using the dough in a way that was unknown to her. She asked for a recipe and naturally had to try this game.

The GAME in the School of Life enabled the gathering of three generations of people with different interests and occupations. They took a part in the activities and enjoyed creative atmosphere and each other’s company. Even though all heroes of this story are neighbours, friends, colleagues, they have never met before to encourage the kids to play and to play with them in an environment in which this kind of meeting is a sole purpose.

The Novak Djokovic Foundation has inspired the entire community to bond and gather around the needs and the best interest of the youngest. The first steps were made, and now the new challenges are awaiting.

More is soon to come from the School of Life in the picturesque village of Gruza….


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