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Healthy Teeth – Bright Smile

by , Posted on 9th Dec 2014

The dentist visited children from the School of Life in Biljanovac and hosted the workshop “Healthy teeth – bright smile” with the aim to inform the kids how to maintain good oral hygiene and explain them the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy.

It was a perfect, sunny autumn day. However, instead of playing and having fun with their friends, as they usually did, the children from the School of Life in Biljanovac welcomed the dentist, dressed in white, with a friendly face, and a broad smile. His visit received a lot of attention and raised many questions that were buzzing in those little heads: “What will he say for my teeth? Why are babies born toothless? When do babies get their first teeth? How do teeth grow? Why do the dentists use the equipment that produces this terrible ringing sound in my head? Why should we go to the dentist for tooth extraction, since my mom can do that, instead?”


The dentist carefully examined each child. He also showed the kids how to brush their teeth properly, and how to maintain good oral hygiene in order to have healthy teeth and a bright smile. He explained them that good oral hygiene routine was the basic prerequisite for keeping their mouth and teeth healthy. In addition, he helped the children experience their dental care as a great fun, telling them that proper brushing technique was essential for cleaning teeth and gums effectively.


The dentist patiently answered each question. The aim was not only to meet their curiosity, but also to expand their knowledge and illustrate all that he was talking about with practical examples. Furthermore, together they made two teeth models using styrofoam. One was a model of perfect and healthy tooth, while the other was a badly damaged tooth. It wasn’t so surprising that the children put unhealthy tooth aside, with a common child “yuck” comment.  They wanted to play only with a healthy tooth.


In the end, the children were more than happy to master proper toothbrushing technique. They promised they would maintain good oral hygiene at home and visit the dentist regularly. The kids also looked forward to dentist’s next visit.

We will show you our healthy and bright teeth when you come again. We promise – boys and girls said.



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