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From Garden to Table

by , Posted on 17th Dec 2014

Creative workshop “From garden to table” was held in the School of Life in Gruza.

Children from the School of Life in Gruza are always eager to learn new things and participate in creative, enjoyable and interesting activities. This time, their kindergarten teachers have organized for them a creative workshop “From garden to table”, with the aim to get the children enthusiastic about gardening and inform them how to grow, harvest and prepare fresh, seasonal food.


Children learn best by doing, using their senses and exploring the surrounding people, things, places and events. Therefore, accompanied by their teachers, the kids were excited to discover the world around them. They visited their elderly friend in his garden who explained them how to grow vegetables and revealed them the secrets of successful gardening and producing fresh and nice food throughout the year. The children were particularly interested to learn how plants were growing from seed and got tips on garden maintenance and taking care of the plants.


Later on, they went to the market to pick up seasonal vegetables. Then they returned to the kindergarten where they started making winter preserves. Though teachers helped them, boys and girls showed high efficiency and skill in planning and carrying out all that has to be done in order to prepare delicious conserves for cold winter months.

In addition, they learned how to pick up fresh vegetables at the market, how to grow certain plants, how to treat people selling their products at the market and greengrocers with respect and kindness, and finally how to become true masters of the kitchen.


It was yet another memorable and valuable experience for all of them. We are looking forward to hearing from them soon. We can’t wait for them to share with us their great new stories and experiences, while enjoying and exploring everything that their beautiful surrounding offers.


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