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Children’s dance show in ‘Ciciban’

by , Posted on 13th Oct 2014

The children made an entertaining dance show in gratitude to people who helped and supported the reconstruction of the kindergarten ‘Ciciban’ in Obrenovac.

What a lovely day in Obrenovac! The children from kindergarten ‘Ciciban’ in Obrenovac made a wonderful dance show on October 6th, 2014. This was their way of saying thanks to everyone who helped the reconstruction of their preschool, becoming an even nicer and more enjoyable place than before, after being completely destroyed in May floods.

NDF-Obrenovac Ciban-3

Kids, teachers, and parents promised that they would never forget the support they got from Help Foundation, Procredit Bank, and Novak Djokovic Foundation, as well as from all others who took part in the reconstruction of the facility.

The children performed various dances during the show. Our day was made bright and cheerful by their performance and we enjoyed watching them have a great time on the stage.

Big thanks to kindergarten staff, as well as to all the children who participated in the event for demonstrating such an entertaining performance.

During the unprecedented floods that hit the entire Municipality of Obrenovac, the kindergarten ‘Ciciban’ (attended by 213 children) was completely destroyed. NDF donated 60,000€ for all the necessary equipment for the kindergarten. The funds were used for buying new furniture and teaching materials.

NDF-Obrenovac Ciban-1

NDF mission is to bring smiles to children’s faces, help them have a better childhood, and make their dreams come true. We’re on good way to make this possible for children in kindergarten ‘Ciciban’. Join us, if you wish; we’re all here to make a better world for our kids.

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