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Children from the School of Life in Gruza Visited Pigeon Fanciers

by , Posted on 10th Dec 2014

Teachers from the School of Life in Gruza organize daily kindergarten programs in the best possible way with interesting and creative activities. Some of them involved pigeons. Yes, real pigeons.

Children from the School of Life in Gruža, a small place in central Serbia, are very lucky to have such amazing and gifted teachers! They make a difference in the lives of kids every day, trying to organize daily kindergarten programs in the best possible way with interesting and creative activities. Some of them involved pigeons.


The poem “How” by Alisa Trtak

How can the world become familiar to me

If I can’t see the birds flying

If I can’t hear the cheerful, happy ringing of bells

If I can’t enjoy the warm afternoon sun

Cold weather didn’t prevent them from taking a nice walk around Gruza a few days ago. The children and their teachers were looking for other boys and girls to play with. So they met a boy called Aleksa, who asked them to join him, and visit his uncle Stevica, who is a passionate pigeon fancier. It was a great idea! They were all happy to see different flyer pigeon breeds and to learn new things about pigeon keeping. For example, they found out what was an adequate and appropriate loft, what did the birds eat, etc.


This visit was more than interesting! I would also like to become a pigeon fancier – some of the kids said.

Later that day children visited Mladen, an amateur breeder of pigeons. He showed them some of the smallest pigeon breeds and the way they were marked with a ring on their leg. This marking serves as an identification data about their owner, in case the pigeons got lost. The children observed the marking process with great attention. They also had a lot of questions for Mladen: “Please, could you tell us if that marking painful for the birds?”, “Will it really help them return home?” Mladen patiently answered to all these questions, and the children listened attentively.


However, the most memorable experience of the day was when children visited Luka Milosavljevic. He was so proud of his pigeons of “German Nun” breed, that won the first place at the Animal show of birds and small pets held annually in Kragujevac. Luka’s family members have won trophies in various pigeon categories. In addition to pigeon keeping, his family is also engaged in “Tigress” parrot breeding. The children were delighted to listen to these noisy birds, able to mimic human speech and other sounds. All that noise reminded the kids of themselves when they are playing and having fun.


It was another day to remember. Things like these provide them with the opportunity to discover the world around them, help them to know each other better, meet their friends’ families and make friendships that will last for a lifetime.

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