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Gruza, Biljanovac – Children Decorating Schoolyards in Schools of Life

by , Posted on 15th Jul 2014

Children from Schools of Life expressed their wish to enrich their yards and plant flowers and fruit together with their teachers and parents, through games and fun.

Spending time in nature is very important for health and proper development of children. In addition to increasing the level of physical activity, nature teaches children about the world around them, encourages creativity and develops their imagination. Teachers in Schools of Life spend time with children outdoors in the fresh air, stimulating children, through games and fun, to better understand the nature and enjoy it.

In the School of Life in Biljanovac, children expressed their wish to beautify their schoolyard. They planted a sour cherry tree together with their parents and their educator Marina Maric. It brought happiness and joy to the kids. Besides being the yard decoration, the tree keeps the children eager awaiting the first cherry fruits. Beautiful, juicy, sweet and sour flavors will show to those children that it was worth every effort, and they will certainly want to plant some new fruit next spring, maybe sweet cherry or apple, and maybe all together?

Their peers from the School of Life in Gruza were also diligent and motivated to play and work in the nature. They expressed their wish to plant flowers, together with their parents and educators, in order to enrich their schoolyard and corridors which they share with preschoolers. It is well-known that teamwork brings success. The children chose colorful flower boxes, and thanks to their parents’ skills, they planted the “Impatiens walleriana”. The youngest were the most active. They were very excited while making plans how to arrange flowers, and they also had many questions – how, how many, why, how is it called, what is this for..? Our friend Sophia shared her impressions with us: “My mom has the same flowers at home. I do watering and I talk to them constantly. My grandma says that talking to flowers can help them grow faster!”

These are just some of the activities in the Schools of Life that show the importance of involving parents in the process of integration of children into the community. In accordance with the mission of the Foundation to make the School of Life a meeting point of the villagers, teachers and parents are making a joint effort to acknowledge the interests of children and provide a stimulating environment for them to grow up.

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