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Walk a Mile for a Smile: More than 350 people walked today for a better education of children in Serbia

by , Posted on 18th May 2019

We participated today for the fifth time in the charity event “Walk a mile for a smile”, organized by Belgrade international school PRIMA. More than € 2,500 were raised through t-shirt sale, and they will be donated to schools of children from the territories of Sremska Mitrovica, Aleksinac, Vlasotinci, Smederevo, and Kragujevac. The donations of friends are still coming in, and the final amount will be known in the coming days.

More than 350 children and parents participated in the charity walk, alongside Maja Kremic, national director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, Brigitte MacIntosh, dean of PRIMA International School and Serbian famous actor Bojan Peric. The tickets for this traditional walk were RSD 700 t-shirts, and the funds gathered from their sales shall be used to procure equipment for one of the eleven satellite units of nine schools in Serbia.

“Since 2014, as the Foundation of the best tennis player in the world, we are now walking a mile in May for the fifth time, and raising funds for a selected project which we will carry out later this year. Last year, we raised RSD 360,000 and thanks to these funds, we refurbished four workrooms in ‘Vlada Obradović Kameni’ kindergarten in Pećinci, and provided a stimulating environment for playing and learning to the children who attend it,” says Maja Kremic.

"The help of all people of good will is crucial for the success of what we are doing", said Maja Kremic, the national director of the Foundation.

“The help of all people of good will is crucial for the success of what we are doing”, said Maja Kremic, the national director of the Foundation.

The goal of this year’s walk is to provide the best conditions for proper growth and development to children from eleven satellite school units.

“In September, they will attend the ‘Drugarijada’ Friendship Camp, which we organize on Kopaonik each year, and after returning to their hometowns, they will be welcomed by equipment intended to make their childhood and school years easier and nicer. The help of all people of good will is crucial for the success of what we are doing, and so we thank PRIMA International School, which has recognized us as an ideal long-time partner for this project,” Kremic adds.

After the walk, the youngest participants had a good time playing on sports fields, in creative playgroups and at the spring fair, and also got to meet actor Bojan Peric, who opened the event.

More than 350 people joined forces for better education of children in Serbia.

More than 350 people joined forces today for better education of children in Serbia.

Dean of PRIMA International School Brigitte MacIntosh says that, for her, the biggest achievement of this project is that it has been putting smiles on children’s faces for years.

“Thanks to our students and their parents, as well as all our friends, today’s gathering was another in the series of successful charity walks which we organize on the school track. Thank you for coming in such a large number and showing how big your hearts are. All children deserve a childhood under equal conditions, and with today’s gesture, we have tried to move another step further toward this goal,” said the dean of PRIMA International School.

14 elementary school students from ES “Julijana Ćatić” from Ramaće and Ugljarevac near Kragujevac also attended the walk. Their dean, Svetlana Zivanovic, expressed great gratitude to the Novak Djokovic Foundation for choosing their institution as one of the nine which will receive help. She said that thanks to this charity event, the students of satellite units of this school will receive the necessary studying equipment which will contribute to the quality of the classes, as well as of the life of children and their teachers.

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