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Foundation “Novak Djokovic” brings New Year gifts to children from foster families in Belgrade

by , Posted on 21st Dec 2013

Dance, hands up high in the air, smiles, delight and joy while expecting to receive the gifts that were waiting for them on stage. Children in foster care at the territory of Belgrade, aged 3-7 years, had their own little party in Dom Omladine ( the Youth Center), where they got New Year presents and enjoyed performance organised by the “Novak Djokovic” Foundation.

150 red and blue bags with the NDF logo were full of toys and candies, St.George clothing and Esensa company products for treatment of common cold during winter months. Jovial Santa handed out presents to the kids who liked him very much.

“I’m happy I got presents, but I’m even more glad that I saw Santa Claus for the first time. We would like to thank Jelena Ristic for organising this beautiful event, and for thinking of us,” little Masa (6) said, blushing from dancing and jumping. She made a pause and added: “I made a drawing for her in return. I drew her and Novak, with lots of flowers, the sun and a house. My friends helped me do it.”

Children were shining with joy and happiness. The boys and girls were shouting, trying to prove their love for Nole, to show who’s into sports, and who’s going to become a great champion like Djokovic, when they grow up.

“I’d still like to be a scientist. I’m looking forward to going to school soon. I’m sure I will have all A’s,“ explained Luka (5), who was holding our volunteers’ hands tightly.

Animation group Cigra made a great atmosphere entertaining the kids with special performances. At least for a moment, during those two hours, the children could forget all the adversity, troubles and obstacles they’ve been facing. They said they would remember the day for a long time.

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