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Novak Djokovic Foundation Launches Pilot Project to Promote Good Eating Habits among Preschoolers

by , Posted on 2nd Apr 2018

The Novak Djokovic Foundation has launched “ABC of Better Me”, new pilot project that will be implemented in three selected preschool institutions in Belgrade, Svilajnac and Ub.

The project was created to help parents and teachers encourage children to build healthy eating habits early and make better food choices, in kindergarten and at home. “ABC of Better Me” will introduce the framework for teaching and learning about good eating habits in three selected preschools, with a potential to be scaled up, replicated and sustained in other kindergartens in Serbia as well.

Organic gardens, planned to be set up in three preschools within the project, will enable children to experience surrounding nature firsthand. They will also learn about the benefits of eating well through fun and engaging group activities and participate in healthy cooking workshops together with their parents.

The project comprises:

  • Educational aspect – educational workshops for children, parents, teachers and other preschool staff
  • Practical aspect – presenting the model for setting up and maintaining raised bed gardens/seedbeds in three preschools
  • Professional aspect – linking various institutions, experts and interested parties to support the overall child development by promoting healthy eating habits in children and contribute to improvements in diet quality at home and in non-family settings.

We would like to thank all our partners involved in this pilot project, including:

  • Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management for officially supporting the project
  • German Agency for International Cooperation in Belgrade for providing financial support to project implementation
  • Institute of Public Health of Serbia Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut for informing parents about the importance of developing healthy eating habits early in life
  • Serbia Organica for instructing teachers to maintain preschool gardens following the principles of organic agriculture, and for helping them run creative and interactive workshops for children focused on gardening and gaining better understanding of natural processes

Partners on the Project

The importance of this project was recognized and supported in various ways by:

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  •' Elena S says:

    Hello, my name is Elena, I am a teacher and I advocate for healthy living and healthy eating. I live in New York ( USA) and I am interested in learning more about your project and initiative. Please reach out to share your experience.
    Also, are you planning to visit the USA with your events in the nearest future? Thank you.

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