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World Theatre Day: A New Look of “Bosko Buha”

by , Posted on 27th Mar 2015

On March 27th, the World Theatre Day will be celebrated all over the world. What is the role of the theatre in the upbringing of kids, and what could it really matter for them in this modern world?

The truth is that children nowadays spend most of their time in front of the screen while playing video games. Therefore, due to an increasingly high impact of modern technology on children’s lives, it seems that traditional experiences the families used to have, such as going together to the theatre, are being neglected. Thus, in order to restore the habit of going to the theatre and enable kids to enjoy their favourite plays like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and The Little Mermaid, “Novak Djokovic” Foundation has decided to help the reconstruction of children’s theatre Bosko Buha in Belgrade.

Last year, in August, “Novak Djokovic” Foundation donated RSD 8 million for the reconstruction of one the oldest and biggest theatres for children and youth in Serbia, and beyond. We are glad that “Bosko Buha” is going to welcome the next season with the new stage, seats, and theatre curtains that were designed and made according to the highest child safety regulations and standards. Thanks to this donation, 126 new seats were provided, along with the curtains separating the stage from the audience, and a set of stage curtains made of durable and flame retardant fabrics. Additionally, new stage floor was installed.

Looking forward to the moment when “Bosko Buha” theatre would shine in new splendour, NDF team visited this cultural institution and met with the theatre manager Milorad Mandic. As he told us, the reconstruction was expected to be finished by the end of October, when the children will be able to enjoy in their favourite plays in a brand new, clean and safe interior of “Bosko Buha” theatre.

On March 27th, the World Theatre Day will be celebrated all over the world with the aim to attract the attention of a wider public to the art of theatre. There are many benefits of exposing children to the theatre: it opens a whole new world to them, and at the same time, it can help kids learn how to think, dream, and play. In the theatre children can discover lots of different characters and heroes, absorb their messages and stories, gain new life experiences, etc.

The actors have already started working hard on the new plays. We visited them during one of the rehearsals, which took place at the “Vuk Karadžić” Cultural Center.

We hope that parents will take their children to “Bosko Buha” and other children’s theatres, help them step into the whole new world made of fantasies and dreams, and at the same time, see for themselves the importance and the positive influence of the theatre on their little ones .

“Novak Djokovic” Foundation did its best to make sure the youngest audience will get the theatre they truly deserved. The reconstruction of this theatre is being carried out according to the highest child safety regulations and standards, which was our goal from the first place, since we wanted to enable children to enjoy in as nice and pleasant atmosphere as possible.

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