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World Day Against Child Labour is being celebrated today

by , Posted on 12th Jun 2014

Today, on June 12th World Day Against Child Labour is being celebrated around the world. International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that over 150 million of boys and girls around the world work in a way that deprives their basic human rights and adequate education.

ILO warns that over one half of that children is being exposed to the worst forms of child labour, such as work in dangerous environment, force labour, illegal activities or prostitution, and they are often involved in armed conflicts.

Girls are the central theme this year because it is being estimated that around 100 million girls are engaged in similar activities as boys, but that they are facing additional difficulties and risks as well. The basis for emersion of child labour is poverty warns ILO and adds that great number of girls works in agriculture or in the crafts sector. They work in secret workshops as well, and one should not underestimate the number of those who are literally enslaved – forced into prostitution and pornography.

Girls are facing multiple difficulties and discrimination, they are often excluded from the system of education and are engaged for unpaid jobs in households. Without education children will have no chance for better future, well paid jobs that require education, warns the organization and adds that the UN have promoted the basic education for children as one of the Millennium goals in order to reduce poverty, famine and to improve health by 2015.

The success of Millennium goals on that matter is only half-way because based on the ILO data since 2000 when the goals have been adopted over 70 million children has not entered primary school.


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