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Together with our Partner Generali Osiguranje Serbia we Continue to Support Parents and Children all over Serbia

by , Posted on 6th Nov 2020

The parents of children enrolled in the “Children’s Joy” pre-school institution in Pančevo have received free tablets for participating in the “Support, not Perfection” program, implemented by our team. Generali Osiguranje Serbia insurance company and The Human Safety Net global initiative have provided 50 tablets, a donation worth EUR 20,000. After Pančevo, the plan is to distribute the computers to parents of children enrolled in pre-school institutions in Novi Pazar, Vladimirci, Smederevo, Kovačica, Pećinci and Niš.

Our Founder Novak Djokovic stated that he was glad that the program was being supported and successfully developing year after year.

“I believe that every parent, no matter how experienced, dedicated and careful, sometimes needs advice about how to treat their children in certain situations. I speak based on my personal experiences. That is why I like to hear about the experiences of other fathers and mothers, to hear their opinions, knowledge, and to use a part of that to be a better parent myself. This program allows just that, and I want to thank everyone who participated and made an important contribution,” Novak added.

The Support, not Perfection program is completely free. So far, 1,500 parents and caretakers from 24 cities and municipalities in Serbia have gone through six cycles of workshops.

“We are very proud that we share common values with our partner, Generali Osiguranje Serbia, and that we are helping parents and caretakers all over the country provide the best possible conditions for growth and development to their children. We are certain that the tablets will be of great help during the implementation of the  “Support, not Perfection” program and that parents will be able, more quickly and easily, to acquire the skills necessary for performing the important task of raising children,” said Maja Kremić, National Director at Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Thanks to the support of employees of Generali Osiguranje Serbia and The Human Safety Net, this kindergarten in Pančevo, as well as other kindergartens which are a part of the “Support, Not Perfection” program have received books for children up to the age of six.

“Three years ago, Generali Osiguranje Serbia joined the global initiative of Generali Group titled ‘The Human Safety Net’. Together with the Novak Djokovic Foundation, we have implemented numerous activities with the aim to provide support to parents, caretakers and guardians of children during early development. During the past months, employees of Generali Osiguranje Serbia have organized activities such as digital volunteering and collection of books for children. This time, we are donating tablets for seven kindergartens in Serbia, with the desire to enable parents in difficult financial situations to participate in online programs, remain in touch with the Foundation and the kindergartens, and to be able to ask for support and to receive it, in regard to any dilemmas about raising children during this period full of challenges. Our plan is to continue giving children all over Serbia equal opportunities for the future, in partnership with the Novak Djokovic Foundation.“, said Dragan Filipović, president of the Executive Board of Generali Osiguranje Serbia.

Smiljana Grujić, one of the authors and coordinators of the “Support, Not Perfection” program underscored that this donation came at the right time, as support in these uncertain times, caused by the health crisis, and added:

“Parents are now faced with new challenges brought by the pandemic and it’s important for them to acquire new skills which will help their families build a support network, where they can exchange experiences”.

Support, not Perfection” is a program that empowers parents with knowledge and skills they can rely on to improve the development of their children’s potentials in their most sensitive years. Due to the current health situation, the new cycle of programs will be held online and will include 380 parents from Kragujevac, Smederevo, Kovačica, Pančevo, Petrovac na Mlavi, Niš, Jagodina, Vladimirci, Šabac and Belgrade.

The donation was handed over to the kindergarten, which will be reconstructed and adapted in 2021 thanks to the donation of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, after which it will get new rooms that will be able to accommodate 75 children. The City of Pančevo, with the surrounding suburban and rural settlements, currently has over 350 children who are on the waiting list for pre-school institutions, and more than 2,800 children cannot attend any form of pre-school programs. For that reason, the Foundation recognized the need to invest in the early education infrastructure in this area.

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