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The reconstruction of the Bosko Buha Theater is under way

by , Posted on 27th Sep 2014

Having signed the donation contract, Novak Djokovic Foundation can proudly say that the reconstruction of “Bosko Buha” Theater is under way, and that it will soon open its doors to audience.

The reconstruction of the children’s theater “Bosko Buha” is going according to plan, it is actually in its final stage of reconstruction, and we can happily say that it will soon be “wearing new garments”!

This building at Republic Square is teeming with workers and construction materials; the contours of the finished look of the interior can already be seen and all theater, art, and culture lovers will be proud of it.

Novak Djokovic Foundation donated this August RSD 8 million for the reconstruction of the oldest and largest children’s theater in the region. “Bosko Buha” will enter the new season with new seats, stage, and stage curtains that will be installed according to the highest child safety regulations. One hundred and twenty-six new seats, the curtains separating the audience from the stage, a set of stage curtains made of fire retardant fabrics, and also a new floor have all been provided.

The stage is almost done. Ash boards of high quality are used. After the sanding and toning, the boards are coated with fire retardant paint in order to satisfy all safety standards.

The seats for the theater are almost done. The final work is being done on the armrests, after which the seats will be fitted into the theater. Upholstery of the seats is made out of fire retardant, first category fabric in 6 colors.

The colors of the materials used for all the elements were carefully chosen in order to achieve a visually modern and dynamic look, which will make the children’s stay in the theater even more interesting. Accordingly, the pattern of the curtains, and the color scheme of the lower part of the theater were chosen.

The main goal was to satisfy all safety and fire safety standards, and that goal was absolutely accomplished.

We are confident that upon completion, “Bosko Buha” theater will be one of the most beautiful theaters for children in this region, and even beyond, and children will feel completely comfortable there, as well as safe and secure.

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