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Second “Friendship Games” – Fifth Day

by , Posted on 5th Oct 2014

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything – it’s the time we spent together that counts. 

The time spent at the Friendship Games was fabulous. We will always remember the days we spent with the children, especially their smiles, the way they danced, had fun, enjoyed sightseeing, made jokes, learned new things, and showed us what they knew and what they could do. They impressed us for being creative, intelligent, and funny, and for being united as one team. It’s like we said at the beginning, our motto was:

Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find! Instead of competing, we work together. We don’t conquer, we share, so that all of us are happy. We don’t ask where you come from, we are just happy when we are together. We meet so we can make new friends all around Serbia.

We did our best to make sure that 44 children from Merosina, Kraljevo and Vladicin Han have a great time in Belgrade. We could not wish for more; in the end, everything turned out even better than we hoped for. The kids enjoyed various entertaining and educational activities and made a lot of new friends while learning and discovering many new things.

During the Friendship Games, we promoted values such as friendship, fair play, understanding and accepting differences, healthy diet, team building, and environmental awareness.

We were sorry that the Games ended, so we hoped that this Sunday could last a little bit longer. But, the departure was scheduled for 2 pm. However, we made the last day just as memorable as all the previous ones. After all the activities we had in the morning, we headed for a new adventure – a visit to the Avala Tower. One of the most recognisable landmarks of Belgrade, once the tallest structures in the Balkans, left the kids impressed. Panoramic view of Belgrade, with its surroundings from the Avala Tower, was truly breathtaking. Children had many questions for our guide, curiously looking around. While touring Avala, we also took children to the top to see the Monument to the Unknown Hero. It was another unforgettable experience for the last day of the Friendship Games.

Finally, we returned to the camp where a lovely closing ceremony of the Friendship Games happened. The children got some nice presents, received thank you letters and awards for the best hairstyle, the best friend, the best football player, the best goal, team play, etc.

We wished our amazing friends a safe trip home, hoping that we would meet again soon.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors, partners, and friends for helping and supporting us in hosting this great event.

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