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“Schools of Life” in Ljig, Raska, Kraljevo and Knic

by , Posted on 12th Apr 2013

Novak Djokovic Foundation director, Jelena Ristic, completed the field visit to the four local municipalities in Serbia within “Schools of Life – together for childhood” project, for better education conditions of children in Serbia.

It has been agreed to build Schools for Life in Ljig, Knic, Raska and Kraljevo.

“These three municipalities and the city of Kraljevo were chosen because they are among the most underdeveloped regions. Our mission is to provide children, especially in rural areas, with a space where they will be able to play, socialise and attend quality programs. Many children do not have that opportunity, but we are encouraged because representatives of local municipalities are interested for cooperation in the Schools of Life project”

Jelena Ristic said after the visit.

After the evaluation of investments and adaptation of each object, contracts will be signed and the construction will begin.


The plan in Kraljevo is to adapt two rooms in Ratina. Upon reception in the City head office, the Novak Djokovic Foundation director and her colleagues visited kindergarten “Poletarac” in a pre-school institution “Olga Jovicic Rita.”

“The Foundation’s initial plan is to finance this project during a one year period, and the continuation of cooperation depends on its success,” explained Jelena Ristic.

On behalf of the City of Kraljevo, the Deputy Mayor Milun Jovanovic expressed his gratitude to the Foundation director, and announced the joint venture of the City and the donors in order to enable children realise their dreams.

“It is our task to provide funds from the city budget after the one year period and to make the project sustainable,” said Jovanovic.

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The Schools will primarily be places for children (years 3 – 5) to play and learn, but also open to parents, pre-school children and the whole local community.

“We believe that children will have their space in October, and that some of them, maybe for the first time, will start learning and socializing with their peers whom they don’t see often because they live in remote houses”

the Foundation Project Manager Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic said.

Jelena Ristic visited pre-school “Veselo detinjstvo” (“Happy Childhood”) in Raska municipality on Friday.


The Novak Djokovic Foundation director also paid visits to Ljig and Knic on Wednesday, where she spoke about the project realisation with representatives of the local municipalities.

“Schools of Life – together for childhood“ project with be implemented with professional support from the Centre for Interactive Pedagogy with aim to provide better conditions for education and growing up for children in Serbia.

Photos: ©vemicphoto

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