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SAM joined NDF as partner in future projects

by , Posted on 3rd Apr 2014

We are pleased to announce that the “Novak Djokovic” Foundation has become stronger for another big and important partner, the Serbian Association of Managers.

The Agreement has been signed by the SAM Executive Director Jelena Bulatovic and the NDF Project manager Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic. According to the protocol, the SAM will support our Foundation in the upcoming period financially and in goods, depending on the project.

The cooperation will begin with the support to the “Schools od Life” project at the upcoming charity auction of Easter eggs, and with collecting funds from April till June this year, within the SAM. The Foundation will be presented with the collected money at the big congress of the Serbian Association of Managers in June.

Jelena Bulatovic said:

We are signing the protocol on cooperation with the Novak Djokovic Foundation because we truly believe that creating better society begins with creating conditions in which all children and young people can develop to their full potential. There are still places and municipalities in Serbia nowadays, where children grow up without basic conditions for a healthy life and education, without opportunity to play with friends in safe settings and to gain the first life experiences. That’s why we want to support the “Schools of Life” project which aims to provide help for disadvantaged regions – to enable all children learn and play in kindergartens and schools like their peers, and to provide them with good conditions for further progress.

The Serbian Association of Managers is a business association that gathers more than 300 managers – leaders, who know best how a constant and continuous education, as well as improvement and upgrading of knowledge and skills are important.


Jelena concluded:

Each of us, every company or individual, can contribute with small gestures and actions to those in need, especially in the field of education of children and youth. I believe that in addition to the company’s corporate social responsibility it is very important to encourage the personal philanthropy and spread positive stories about the success of such campaigns. I sincerely hope that by the end of the year we will have the decorated, adapted and equipped Schools of Life in Kraljevo, Vladicin Han, Merosina and Vladimirovac to the delight of children who live in these municipalities.

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