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Report on a Donation to UNICEF Office for Croatia

by , Posted on 12th Feb 2015

Donation to UNICEF Croatia of 10.619 USD has been used for procuring hygiene supplies and disinfectants, and helping children after floods.

After our Foundation handed over the donation to UNICEF Office for Croatia last year, we present a brief report on its use relating emergency response and early recovery efforts in flood affected areas in Croatia.

October 10, 2014, Foundation’s funds in the total amount of 1.156,870 RSD (converted to 10.619 USD) were transferred to UNICEF account, for the purpose of procuring hygiene supplies and disinfectants, and helping children and their families endangered by the massive flooding in Croatia.

The money was distributed as follows:

  • 4.940,76 USD worth mosquito repellent lotions (total amount of 150 liters: 1.500 pieces containing 100 milliliters of repellent lotion);
  • 6.270,15 USD worth chloric disinfectants (total amount of 1000 kilograms) and
  • hygienic supplies in total of 1.153,33 USD (492 pieces containing 300 milliliters each, amounting to 147,6 liters in total).

Taking into consideration that the donation UNICEF Croatia received from our Foundation in October was, in the converted sum, 10.619 USD, and the procurement of previously listed supplies cost 12.364,24 USD, the 1.745,14 USD difference was compensated using donations of individual citizens in Croatia.

Last year Novak Djokovic Foundation handed over a check in the amount of 110,000 euros to UNICEF. The funds were used for flood relief and reconstruction purposes by UNICEF Offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Croatia.

The donation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the amount of 100,000 euros, was used to reconstruct two kindergartens, while 10,000 euros in Croatia were earmarked for the implementation of mosquito control and the procurement of disinfectants in order to facilitate infection prevention, which in flooded areas can threaten the health of children.

Here’s the infographic that shows everything that we’ve managed to achieve with your help in our flood relief efforts. Thank you.

We believe in their dreams.

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