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PRIMA International school

by , Posted on 25th Apr 2014

Can socializing, fun, positive energy be correlated with education, learning, humanity? Can things that make us happy bring happiness to others? Sometimes it takes just someone’s good will to bring smiles back on hundreds of children’s faces.

Our wonderful partners from the International School PRIMA are “guilty“ for many smiles this time. Driven by the idea to do a good deed and help where needed, they contacted us to suggest a joint organisation of a big charity event. Since our goal is the same, and that is to provide better conditions for education of children, we quickly made an agreement and chose an institution where the funds would go.

The way in which the International School “PRIMA” collects funds for charity requires special attention. “Walk a mile for a smile” event traditionally takes place at their school Campus on May 10 each year. Within the campaign, all interested citizens and students are invited to come to bb Dragana Mancea Street and go for a walk with us. In addition to having fun and taking part in many activities during the day, the aim of this action is to raise money for charity by buying T-shirts.

Walk a Mile For a Smile-6809

To make sure that the money would go to the right address, they contacted us and – at the suggestion of the Foundation project manager, Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic – they decided to forward the money to primary school “Radoje Domanovic” in Paracin. The money will be used for the purchase of new classroom furniture.

This is one more way to show our wish and efforts that we make to provide better conditions for education of children in Serbia.

We are very happy and grateful to the International School “PRIMA” and to the school principal, Mrs. Brigitte Maclntosh, for initiating our cooperation and partnership in this event.

Walk a Mile For a Smile-6560

We invite everyone to join us on May 10 in our walk for kids’ smiles, and to help our action by purchasing T-Shirts.

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