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Opening of the New School of Life in the Village Kotraza

by , Posted on 9th Dec 2015

Novak Djokovic Foundation and the Municipality of Lucani officially opened today new “School of Life” within the primary school in the village Kotraza.

Thanks to this project, more than 40 children in this small place in western Serbia will be able to attend preschool education for the first time.

The total value of the project is RSD 4,369,000.00. Beside the complete reconstruction and equipping of the facility with didactic materials and toys, additional funds are provided for seminars aiming to inform local government representatives and kindergarten teachers about the importance of preschool education and the methodology of developing specialized programs for preschool children.

This School of Life is located within the primary school in Kotraza where preschool programs have been already implemented. We are more than happy for being able to reconstruct old school classrooms and turn them into a lovely and stimulating environment for the youngest. Thus this kindergarten will be a part of the school with a long tradition. In addition we are also pleased that the parents were interested and willing to help us during the implementation of this project. They have invested great personal efforts and succeeded to transform the school yard into a wonderful playground for children to enjoy and make accessible entrance to the facility. Many thanks to Art Ival company as well for helping us raise significant funds for this School of Life at the charity auction of artistic chocolate eggs, the event traditionally organized by this company. When we work together we can make great things happen and achieve incredible results. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us in our mission to create best possible conditions for early childhood education of our children – said Maja Jovanovic, NDF project manager.

“Schools of Life” project is very important for us in order to achieve our development goals and increase the participation of children aged 3 to 5.5 in preschool education in our municipality. We would like to express our gratitude to Novak Djokovic Foundation and our local partners for providing us the opportunity to enhance the quality of our preschool services and make them available to all children in Kotraza and nearby places. We also want to thank CIP – Center for Interactive Pedagogy for their professional help and support – said Ljiljana Dmitric, director of PI “Nasa radost”.

Primary school principal Milan Saric also stressed the importance of this project especially regarding the fact that less than 12 percent of children aged 3-5.5 have been included in the preschool education system in the Municipality of Lucani.

Thanks to “Schools of Life” project old classrooms in our primary school that haven’t been used for a long time are transformed into this modern and beautiful kindergarten. We are glad to welcome the youngest children and see them truly enjoy in their childhood. Furthermore, this project provides much needed support for people in Kotraza and enables young parents experience new quality of life.

Currently 24 boys and girls in the village Kotraza attend this kindergarten. However, the idea is to empower preschool institution and the local community to further develop preschool programs and services and thus enable as many children as possible to play, socialize and learn with their friends.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Novak Djokovic Foundation for implementing Schools of Life project in the Municipality of Lucani. We really appreciate your concern about the welfare of children and support to make our municipality a place with best possible conditions for kids to grow up. We hope that this project will be just the beginning of our successful cooperation with Novak Djokovic Foundation – said Vesna Stambolic, mayor of the Municipality of Lucani.

“Schools of Life – Together for Childhood” project has been implemented in cooperation with CIP – Center for Interactive Pedagogy. Due to their professional help, “Schools of Life” become not only a place for children to learn and play with their friends, but also a meeting place for the entire local community. So far 6 Schools of Life have been opened throughout Serbia – in Ljig, Raska, Knic, Kraljevo, Merosina and Hladicin Han.

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