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Open your doors to interviewers

by , Posted on 30th Jan 2014

How can things get better if we don’t really know how they are right now? How can we reform and change things if we don’t know where the problems are?
It’s impossible, right? In order to solve the problems we need to detect them and measure them, and then find the right ways to solve them.

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) on the situation of women and children begins in Serbia

otvorite-vrata-anketarimaUNICEF’s Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey of the situation and behaviour of children and women in Serbia, known as MICS, is the main source of information when it comes to the most vulnerable groups of children and their situation: children living in poverty, in remote rural areas and Roma children. Results from the last MICS surveys were used to prepare the European Union annual reports on the progress of the country, for revision of the national action plans for Roma, and for building Education Development Strategy in Serbia until 2020.

On February 1, 2014, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (SORS) and UNICEF will start conducting the fifth national Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) of the situation and behaviour of children and women in Serbia, and we need citizen support. The data will be collected until April 30.

You need to do only one thing – open your doors if the survey takers visit your household. It’s in everyone’s interest that our children have a better future.

Through regular statistical surveys, this research acts as the greatest source of national data on education, living conditions, social welfare and protection and the health condition of women and children.

Results from the survey will be used for formulating policies, strategies and measures in order to improve the quality of services and living conditions of women and children, and for monitoring progress in implementation of national and international goals and commitments. Data collected through the survey will be published in a separate report and will be available on the Internet.

The survey will be carried out on a representative sample of 9,100 households covering the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. 88 experienced interviewers of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia will take part in the fieldwork.

The success of this important and complex survey depends on the response of households and their willingness to open their doors to interviewers who will bear visible credentials issued by UNICEF and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.
About MICS

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is an international survey programme, developed by UNICEF in collaboration with other UN agencies, which is carried out every five years (with a tendency towards more frequent intervals – every three years) in over 100 countries in order to ensure internationally comparable estimates, continuity of survey and time sets of indicators. The survey is focused on the most vulnerable part of the population: women, children under the age of 5, disadvantaged and marginalized groups. Some of the most important indicators that are calculated from the data collected through this survey are indicators related to conditions in which children grow and develop, vaccination (immunization) of the youngest children, malnutrition and obesity in children, etc.

Open your doors to interviewers – show us that you care.

(Vesna Savić, UNICEF)


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