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Novak donates 5.5 million dinars for children’s dream garden in “Anton Skala” school

by , Posted on 6th Feb 2013

World no.1 has signed an agreement for donation of the humanitarian Foundation Novak Djokovic in amount of €50,000 for yard reconstruction of Belgrade elementary school for children with disabilities “Anton Skala”.

This is just a beginning of numerous activities that Novak’s Foundation is starting this year in Serbia, aiming to improve early child development and provide future generations with a better, healthier and more beautiful childhood.

”The donation will enable kids to play joyously and learn in a better environment,” Novak said during his visit. He toured the school yard with a school principal Igor Raicevic and teachers, and interacted with boys and girls.

“The idea behind the realisation of the “Anton Skala” school yard project is to enable children to play in the park with their friends in a safe environment. So far, they have not been able to do so because the school yard was deserted, and there were no funds to complete the project. With our help, no later than springtime, children will be able to enjoy and socialise not only with their school friends but also with the children from the neighbourhood”

added Novak.


The school principal was pleased that the project which won the first award in Beijing 2008, at the Mondialogo School Contest initiated by UNESCO, would soon become reality.
Novak Djokovic’s help in the realisation of this project delighted the students, their parents and everyone in school.

“Our school children, and children in general, simply adore Novak and we are all immensely grateful to him for helping us realize this project, and providing the children with the space they deserve. Novak is a role model for young people on and off the court, and this gift sends out a very important message, that there are no children with special needs, just different ways of meeting those needs, and that the adults should sometimes learn from children how to establish communication”

Raicevic said.


The Foundation director Jelena Ristic expressed her hope that today’s donation will not be the only action of that kind, and that it will inspire other people and companies in the country to help renovate schools.

“School provides these children with conditions to grow up and develop, and I’ve witnessed several times how teachers and the entire school staff are trying to make every moment for them more beautiful. But there are things that are beyond their power. If the children cannot move freely around the yard because the facade falls off, we should all ask ourselves if that is all right, and if we can make sure that they are safe at school”

said Jelena Ristic.

The money donated will be used to purchase a rubber mini-pitch manufactured in compliance with the most strict safety standards, four modern fitness sets appropriate for school children, as well as a summer classroom in a wooden house. There will be a number of devices in the ‘new’ yard for motor and logical skills development, which are also good for playful education, such as music bells, big coloured pencils, hanging therapeutic chairs, plates and deck-chairs. A basketball backboard and rim were also given to the school.

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