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Novak Djokovic Foundation Selected 20 Projects to Be Implemented in 2016

by , Posted on 13th Jun 2016

Novak Djokovic Foundation has decided to allocate EUR 700.000 for the implementation of 20 projects, expected to be finished by the end of the year.

The projects have been selected from those we received during our annual call for new projects, from October to 22 to November 22 last year. The funds will be invested in the reconstruction of kindergartens and schools, and equipping of the facilities with furniture, didactic materials and equipment, in 20 towns throughout Serbia. In addition, several flood relief and School of Life projects, related to opening of new preschools in underdeveloped rural areas, will be carried out as well.

Happier Childhood for 5000 Boys and Girls in Serbia

Presenting the list of projects, Jelena Đoković, director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, emphasized that the management team of the Foundation carefully selected the projects to be implemented in 2016.


1.4000 projects were sent to our address during the last Foundation’s call for new projects. Our criteria in the selection process were to help and support children attending preschool programs in classrooms that make poor quality learning and teaching environments, in need for urgent change. Therefore, we have invested considerable time and efforts to choose among many and name kindergartens and schools to be reconstructed and equipped in the next few months. Our work and activities are focused on investing in ECE and ECD programs. Only in this way we can create equal opportunities for kids to reach their full potential and have happy and normal childhood. In addition, we believe that the funds invested in preschool and school facilities in 20 towns in our country will provide much better conditions for 5000 boys and girls to grow up, learn and play with their friends. This is also the right moment to invite companies and all people of good will to join in, show they care for the future of our children and help them dream big, said Jelena.

NDF team has already started to work on the project activities and carry out site visits to ensure that all projects will be finished in due time.


We are planning to invest nearly EUR 700.000 in the implementation of selected projects. However, the exact calculation of the funds is still missing, though we will make it public as soon as we sign the agreements with the municipality representatives and get an overview of the situation on site. Our largest projects in 2016 will be reconstruction of kindergarten within PI “Nasa radost” in Aleksandrovac, old school adaptation into kindergarten in Medoševac near Niš and reconstruction of sanitary facilities in the kindergarten “Bambi” in Požega. We will also support reconstruction of two schools severely damaged during the floods – High school in Guča and School of Mechanical Engineering in Svilajnac. A lot of new toys, tables and chairs will be provided for children in PI “Poletarac” in Zagubice, as we want to enable them to finally enjoy and play in nice and stimulating environment. We are looking forward to opening of the new School of life in old building of health centre in Prnjavor, while unused premises of local government in Odžaci will be tailored to the needs of children and transferred into the tenth School of life, said Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, NDF project manager.

Some of the first projects to be completed include landscaping of the playground in Novi Bečej and equipping of the outdoor play areas in three kindergartens within PI “Radost” in Srbobran. Preparation phase of the works related to the reconstruction of old school facility for kindergarten in Medoševac is underway.

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