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Novak Djokovic Foundation Opens New School of Life in Pecinci

by , Posted on 23rd Nov 2016

Novak Djokovic Foundation and the Municipality of Pecinci representatives officially opened today the ninth School of Life in the village Donji Tovarnik. From now on, 43 boys and girls from this village and nearby places will benefit from attending high-quality preschool and child care programs.

The Foundation donated RSD 5.1 million (€ 42.000) for the reconstruction and equipping of this facility. Two classrooms of 100 m2 have been fully refurbished for children 3 to 5.5 years of age. In addition, new furniture, didactic materials, books, toys and other necessary supplies were provided in order to create best possible conditions for learning and development of the youngest.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic, NDF project manager, emphasized the importance of effective cooperation between the Foundation and local self-government representatives.

Implementation of any of our projects wouldn’t have been successful, if it hadn’t been for our reliable and cooperative partners and friends. The municipality representatives acknowledged and supported all our ideas and suggestions regarding the reconstruction and equipping of this facility. Together we have been working hard to remodel and make the existing space functional and suitable for 3-5 year olds. Former classrooms were refurbished with the aim to create pleasant environment for these wonderful boys and girls to enjoy every moment they spend here. We carried out some sanitary works as well and built additional toilet just for children. During the reconstruction process we became aware of other things missing in this kindergarten. Therefore, we managed to provide new furniture, books and toys to replace old, damaged and potentially harmful items. Seeing all of them today so happy and excited we know we did the right thing not just for this generation but for generations of kids yet to come.  Now we are focused on other projects we are planning to implement in Serbia in the forthcoming period. Finally, we are proud to announce that our 10th Jubilee School of Life in Jalovnik will be opened soon – said Dzudza Jakovljevic.


I would like to express my gratitude to the Novak Djokovic Foundation for choosing to implement this important project here, in Donji Tovarnik, and create much nicer and stimulating environment for our children to grow up, learn and play with their friends than they had before. Local self-government in Pecinci constantly invests significant funds to improve teaching and learning conditions in schools and kindergartens located on its territory. This year alone, four schools have been reconstructed. We will continue to do so in order to ensure that children in small, rural areas, such as ours, can experience the same joys of childhood as their peers in big towns and cities in Serbia. More importantly, this project will also include kids without regular access to preschool programs, and provide them assistance and support through their learning, socialization and integration process – said on this occasion Dubravka Kovacevic Suboticki, Mayor of the Municipality of Pecinci.


According to Svetlana Popovic, director of PI “Vlada Obradovic Kameni”, the Novak Djokovic Foundation recognized their efforts to improve the lives of children and create equal opportunities for them to receive the education they deserve.

Our preschool institution provides educational programs and services for children in 15 settlements within the Municipality of Pecinci. However, not all of them share the same learning conditions and access to education. Sometimes lack of space in the facilities makes it hard for us to achieve our goals and sometimes we face other difficulties related to the coverage of kids with preschool programs and their implementation. Donji Tovarnik was one of the areas of utmost concern. Only in this village there are 14 preschoolers and 24 boys and girls 3 to 5.5 years of age, 14 of whom are Roma children. Bringing the Schools of Life project here, the Foundation opened up fresh prospects for these children.  Now they will be able to learn many new things, reach their full potentials, play with their friends, lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and embrace a promising future – stressed Popovic.

So far 8 Schools of Life have been opened in Ljig, Raska, Knic, Merosina, Kraljevo, Hladicin Han, Lucani and Sid. Grand opening of the tenth school in Jalovnik is expected to take place soon.

“Schools of Life – Together for Childhood” project has been implemented in cooperation with CIP – Center for Interactive Pedagogy.


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