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Novak Djokovic Foundation Equipped Kindergarten in Svilajnac

by , Posted on 18th Feb 2015

We are more than happy to announce that kindergarten in Svilajnac „Dečija radost”  has been officially opened today!

Novak Djokovic Foundation has provided 115.250 EUR for equipping the third facility withing this preschool institution with classroom furniture, a new laundry room has been built, while the old Venetian blinds and sanitary fittings were replaced as well.

Therefore, the complete interior of this central kindergarten, which was damaged the most during the floods in May, is now fully equipped, looking better than ever. The whole team, and everyone else who helped us, is so proud of that!

After we have previously donated 140.000 EUR for the full reconstruction and equipping the two out of three facilities within this preschool institution, which were opened in September last year, we have decided to continue successful cooperation with the Municipality of Svilajnac, and support the equipment of the remaining facility.


Part of the funds raised for the reconstruction of this flood-damaged preschool facility have been used for equipping of the central kindergarten within PI “Dečija radost”. Now, all three kindergartens are officially opened for the kids, and they are once again able to play and learn in a new, stimulating and comfortable environment. Therefore, we have fulfilled our mission, as we have focused all our activities and projects on helping and supporting the reconstruction of educational institutions in flood hit areas. The central kindergarten within PI “Dečija radost” is the seventh such facility in Serbia we reconstructed and equipped after the May floods – said Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, NDF project manager, during the opening ceremony in Svilajnac.

Apart from the reconstruction of the facilities within PI “Dečija radost”, NDF also made sure to improve the conditions for children to learn, play and have fun with their friends in their new kindergartens. Thus, all the kindergarten classrooms are now equipped with toys, didactic materials, popular titles for kids, and lazy bags to enjoy while reading. Furthermore, the Foundation provided a lot of crayons, markers, collage sheets, plastic scissors and other materials needed for all children to participate in various creative activities.


“Dečija radost” is the only preschool facility in Svilajnac, attended by 450 children. It has been damaged beyond repair in the May floods and remained completely unusable. The entire inventory and infrastructure have been destroyed in all three facilities within this preschool institution. Reconstruction works started as soon as the Municipality of Svilajnac and NDF signed the donation agreement, early in July.

The full reconstruction of the flood-damaged kindergartens in Svilajnac included new boiler room installation, masonry and painting work and draining of all interior and exterior surfaces. In addition, interior and exterior PVC carpentry, sanitary fittings, lights and part of the roof were replaced. Construction area cleanup was organized immediately after the works were finished.

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