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New Year Presents for Children in Foster Care in Krusevac and Cuprija

by , Posted on 20th Dec 2015

Novak Djokovic Foundation delivered New Year presents to 175 children in foster care in Serbian cities Krusevac and Cuprija today.

It’s the third such event we have held, this year in cooperation with the Centers for Foster Care and Adoption in these places. Beside many wonderful presents for children, wrapped in shiny boxes, there was also a beautifully decorated big Christmas tree in the main hall of the music school “Dusan Skovran” in Cuprija. We did our best to create festive atmosphere for all those lovely boys and girls, and help them experience the joy of New Year’s holidays, together with our friend Santa Claus.

Simply being aware of children in need isn’t enough. It needs to be followed by action. Though sadly enough, just thinking about children in need does sometimes make us feel like we’ve accomplished something. But, to translate awareness into action, we try to model giving.

Maja Jovanovic, NDF project manager said the Foundation was glad to continue cooperation with the Centers for Foster care.

Novak Djokovic Foundation strongly supports the efforts of the Center and we always look forward to help. For us it’s all about making children and other people happy. Therefore, we are delighted for being able to bring smiles on faces of children and their foster parents, who are so kind and supportive.  Their big-heartedness, love and affection for these kids are worthy of all our respect and admiration. This year we have provided presents for 175 children in foster care driven by a desire to make them New Year holida ys even more memorable and magical. Each present was carefully selected. As a result every box is filled with books, toys, candies, warm clothes and hygiene kits. I would like to express my gratitude to all our friends and partners, the Municipality of Cuprija and other companies for supporting this wonderful campaign – said Jovanovic.

NDF Cuprija Paketici-6526

Representatives from the Municipality of Cuprija were a great partner in helping us in the organization.

We feel very privileged to cooperate with Novak Djokovic Foundation in such a joyful moment, together with children and Santa. Our municipality will continue to support and help projects focused on children in order to provide all that is necessary for their proper development  said on this occasion Ninoslav Eric, mayor of the Municipality of Cuprija.

Ph.D. Hristos Aleksopulos, director of the Center for Foster Care and Adoption in Cuprija, said that Novak Djokovic is not only the best tennis player in the world, but also a great man.

Due to this unselfish act of kindness Novak has succeeded in instilling excitement and happiness in the hearts of children in need, who often long for their biological parents’ love and support. Every child can’t wait to unwrap these New Year gifts, especially since their names have been written on the presents. Each bag carrying NDF logo will always remind the kids that none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for their idol Novak and his Foundation. Presents, as well as New Year performance and photos with Santa, made this wonderful day truly unforgettable – said Aleksopulos.

NDF Cuprija Paketici-6655

Representatives from the Center for Social Work in Krusevac also shared positive feelings regarding the campaign.

We are more than pleased to be part of NDF’s initiative to bring New Year presents to children without parental care placed in foster homes in Krusevac. Around 45 children aged 3 to 10 years have been included in this campaign. Beside the high level of organization, what amazed us most was the quality of presents, carefully chosen to match individual needs of every child. Together with children and their foster parents we want to say how happy and grateful we are for this day. We wish you all a promising, fulfilling and a very happy New Year – said Sladjana Cabric, director of the Center.

This New Year campaign was supported by many people of good will who acknowledged its importance and donated their services and products. Therefore, big thanks to our great partners and friends: City Express, Soko Stark, Nivea, Lavirint toy store and JRJ publishing house.

In 2013 Novak Djokovic Foundation provided New Year presents for children from the Center for Foster Care and Adoption in Belgrade, while a year later 155 children from the Center for Foster Care and Adoption in Kragujevac received their gifts. We hope to continue with the campaign in 2016. We need your help. Call us, join us. Together we can do so much!


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