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New tennis court in Priboj opening soon

by , Posted on 29th Sep 2014

By the end of October children will be able to play tennis on new and modern tennis court in Priboj.

Did you know that in a field owned by a clergyman, at the end of 19th century a beautiful park with a tennis court was created in Priboj? Thus this Serbian town had a tennis court before any other town in the country.

But, it’s history. Reality is much different, unfortunately. For decades, the children from Priboj had no tennis court, no place to play tennis, or enjoy this sport. We decided to change the things for better, starting from the mid-October, as we hope.

If weather conditions stay favorable, construction of an outdoor tennis court in Priboj will be finished just as planned – in a few weeks time.

The whole Novak Djokovic Foundation team can’t want a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially announce and celebrate together with children, their parents and citizens of Priboj the opening of this new and modern sport facility. The tennis court will enable children from Priboj and surrounding places enjoy one of their favorite sports, and what’s more important – it will help them stay physically active.

Big thanks to local authorities, citizens of Priboj and many people of good will for helping and supporting us to finish this important project.

However, before we can release a lot of colorful balloons into the air, as we usually do at opening ceremonies, and start hitting the yellow ball, a lot of work still needs to be done. Yet, we are happy to say that the construction works reached their final stages.

We wanted to share with your some technical details related to the construction of this tennis court. Here is what has been done so far:

  • Geodetic marking of the court was carried out and geodetic survey markers were placed. Humus layer at 15-20 cm depth was removed. Excavation, loading and transportation of the soil were carried out. The original soil surface was adjusted to the projected level.
  • Granular stone layer up to 25 cm was provided, spread and compressed.
  • Isolated foundations were placed and will be used for tennis court fence installation.
  • Concrete edging is being carried out to outline the court.
  • Necessary excavation for footing foundation supporting two steel columns was carried out. The columns will be used to install the lighting.
  • As we mentioned before, all the necessary tennis court equipment will be provided, including tennis clay surface, tennis windscreens, tennis net posts, tennis net, court lines, drag mat, court benches, umpire chairs, line brooms, shovels, spreaders, lighting and tennis court sprinkler system.

Earthworks and concrete works at the construction site have been finished on Saturday, 9/27/2014, while fence and lighting set up are scheduled for Tuesday, 9/30/2014.

We are looking forward to having you join us for the grand opening. Let’s be part of this wonderful event together


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  •' marita bobadilla alva- trujillo- peru says:

    FELICITO NOVAK POR LA ayuda a los niños en esta diciplina del tennis, solicito a que nos brinde su a´porte en la condstruccion de una cancha de tennis en nuestro pais , cvontamops con el espacio para su construccion a nuestro costado de terreno esta una escuela de Inicial de 3 , 4 y 5 años con unas poblacion de 70% de niños y jovenes, por favor cuento con sun sesibilidad social, esperando su respuesta se despide una admiradora de persona y fundacion. atentamente. VICE PRESIDENTA DEL COMITE DE DESARROLO Y PROGRESO III ETAPA DE MANUEL AREVALO- LA ESPERANZA -TRUJILLO . PERU.

    • NDFAdmin says:

      Dear Marita,

      Thank you for your message of support.
      Unfortunately, all of our projects are in Serbia for now. But that doesn’t mean it won’t change in the future. Follow our work and contact us when you feel we can help.

      With love,
      Your NDF Team

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