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New School of Life to Be Opened in Šid

by , Posted on 14th Apr 2016

Representatives of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, the Municipality of Šid, and of the preschool institution “Jelica Stanivuković Šilja” have signed the agreement regarding the reconstruction of the ninth School of Life, in the village of Kukujevci.

Through the implementation of the project “Schools of Life – Together for Childhood” the Foundation plans to invest RSD 4,754,088 in renovation and in equipping of the facility within the primary school “Branko Radičević”. Thanks to this donation, children in the village of Kukujevci and in nearby places will be able to attend preschool programs in two brand new and spacious classrooms (nearly 100 m2 in size), and will experience all the benefits of quality early childhood education and development. In addition, the funds will be used for equipping of the premises with books and other didactic materials for the children in preparatory preschool program group.

Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, NDF project manager, said on this occasion that the School of Life in Kukujevci would welcome 50 children. This is so far the largest number of kids to learn, play and enjoy in nice, safe and new environment upon the completion of construction works.

We are more than happy that works on the ninth School of Life will start soon. The children in Kukujevci will finally have what they needed most, a new kindergarten to spend wonderful time with their friends, master various useful skills and enrich their knowledge and imagination. Preschool education is a vital component of every child’s life. Therefore, the Foundation is active in providing support and funds for the construction of Schools in the municipalities that lack conditions for proper education and development of preschoolers. We expect construction works to be finished in two months. Along with the reconstruction of the facility, specialized training courses and workshops for teachers will also take place in the forthcoming period with the goal to help them improve their teaching practice, explained Džudža Jakovljević.

NDF Sid Potpisivanje-0271The representatives of the Municipality of Šid expressed their gratitude to the Foundation for deciding to implement the project “Schools of Life – Together for Childhood” in the village of Kukujevci, in cooperation with Center for Interactive Pedagogy.

The Republic of Serbia, the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and local self-governments should welcome and support every initiative and activity focused on enhancing the quality of life and schooling of the youngest children in our community, as well as raising awareness of the society about the importance of including children in preschool education. Furthermore, happy childhood and access to preschool education for increasing number of children in Serbia should be among our top priorities. Novak Djokovic Foundation has recognized such need in many places throughout the country, and we are more than grateful for their efforts to make great things happen for children in the village of Kukujevci, said Nikola Vasić, mayor of the Municipality of Šid.

NDF Sid Potpisivanje-0301Jasmina Varga, director of the PI “Jelica Stanivuković Šilja” also expressed her gratitude to the Foundation:

I would like to thank you on behalf of our preschool institution for helping and supporting us to create the best possible conditions for our children to grow up and to receive high-quality education. Due to the implementation of this important project, we can increase the percentage of kids enrolled in preschool programs in the village of Kukujevci. We also look forward to our future cooperation.

NDF Sid Potpisivanje-0297The Schools of Life – Together for Childhood”, project the Foundation implements in cooperation with Center for Interactive Pedagogy, has been created with the aim to open new and reconstruct old preschool facilities in economically disadvantaged municipalities in Serbia. In this respect, significant funds have been invested in early childhood education in the long run, providing children the opportunity to reach their full potential and to become productive members of the society. So far seven Schools of Life have been opened in Ljig, Raška, Knić, Merošina, Kraljevo, Vladičin Han and Lučani, while the opening of the eight School in Jalovnik is expected soon.

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