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NDF raised $600.000 for #floodrelief – Thank you!

by , Posted on 19th May 2014

Novak Djokovic Foundation has collected substantial funds intended for those hit by the catastrophic floods in Serbia.

At this moment the Foundation has received $ 600,000 via its bank account, of which more than $ 100,000 are individual donations via Pay Pal account that is posted on our website:

A day after winning the Rome Masters tournament, Novak Djokovic has decided to donate the prize money to the flood victims in Serbia and thus help those in his homeland affected by this natural disaster. In addition, he has continued to raise global awareness regarding this issue in a series of interviews he gave this morning to foreign media. Furthermore, Novak will sent a letter to all sports officials in the world, institutions and organizations to help and become involved in providing support for our people.

All the funds will be used for the reconstruction of kindergartens and schools throughout Serbia that have suffered damages due to the catastrophic floods. The Foundation will cooperate with the Serbian government and relevant ministries in decision making. The first meeting will be held tomorrow to inform the authorities about financial resources and arrange the first steps in the post-flooding recovery action plan.

In the following period we have a lot of work to do in order to rebuild and repair damaged schools and kindergartens. Although we are still waiting for damage assessment, it is certain that it will cost millions to repair the damage caused by recent flooding. What is important is that we continue to contact individuals and our partners from abroad. We expect and hope there will be even more people who want to help and thus make the recovery period as short as possible, said Jelena Ristic, Executive Director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

On our website we will transparently disclose all the information regarding donations and launch a separate section of the site, to follow all the reconstruction projects that will take place, as we generally do, along with all other projects of the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Be one of many who helped others. Your help means a lot.

On this page you can find numbers of bank accounts to make a payment:



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