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Novak Djokovic Foundation Opens New School of Life in Sid

by , Posted on 29th Sep 2016

The eighth School of Life in the village of Kukujevci, the municipality of Sid, today officially opened its doors within the primary school “Branko Radicevic” and welcomed 50 boys and girls from this village and nearby places.

Due to the funds provided by the Novak Djokovic Foundation for the implementation of this significant project, they will finally have access to high-quality preschool programs, and a chance to reach their full potential and fulfill all their dreams.

Earlier this year, the Foundation signed the agreement with representatives of the municipality to donate EUR 40,000 (RSD 5,378,509. 63) for the facility reconstruction, which started in mid April. As a result, children will be able to learn, enjoy and play with their friends in two brand new and spacious classrooms (nearly 100 m2 each). In addition, the funds were used for equipping of the premises with furniture, books and other didactic materials, to ensure the youngest a pleasant stay.

Jelena Djokovic, National Director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, visited Kukujevci with the rest of NDF team and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the new facility. The children were even more excited and happy, eagerly waiting to explore and play with a lot of colourful and shiny new toys she brought them as a special present.

I’m glad the eight School of Life is built here for the largest number of children since we have started implementing this important project. We are always focused on little ones and their wellbeing. However, in this way we also want to show our support to young parents who choose to live in rural areas rather than move to big cities. According to population statistics many kids are expected to be enrolled in this kindergarten next year as well, and there’s a high tendency that in the future the number of children attending preschool in Kukujevci will gradually increase. Now we are sure that all our Schools of Life are located exactly where they were needed most. I want to thank the municipality and preschool representatives for their maximum support and help in making great things happen for kids from in their early years – said Jelena Djokovic.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Their gift to our children is priceless and exceptional. None of this could have been possible if it hadn’t been for great people from NDF team who recognized that our municipality was in need of help and support in order to increase coverage of children with ECE and ECD programs. We have become partners, and together with our PI, local self-government and teachers we have been working hard to reach our goal and create necessary conditions to ensure brighter and happier childhood of these wonderful boys and girls. NDF donation for the reconstruction and equipping of this kindergarten is essential, giving children the chance to participate in various educational and entertaining activities in a safe, stimulating and caring environment just like their peers in urban areas – said mayor of the Municipality of Sid, Predrag Vukovic.

Jasminka Varga, director of the PI “Jelica Stanivuković Silja” expressed her gratitude to the Novak Djokovic Foundation on behalf of preschool staff for expanding their capacities to enroll even larger number of children in kindergarten in Kukujevci.

Schools of Life project is a win-win situation for our entire municipality, benefiting all the parties involved including not just our teachers and children but primary school teachers and students in Sid as well. Implementation of this and similar projects is of vital importance both for educators and parents of children attending our education centers – stressed Varga.

In cooperation with CIP – Center for Interactive Pedagogy, our implementation partner in the “Schools of Life – Together for Childhood” project, four certified seminars will be provided and held for educators in the municipality of Sid,  with the goal to help them improve their teaching practice. 35 preschool and primary school teachers already attended the first training seminar and workshops. Beside the kindergarten in Kukujevci, Schools of Life have been opened so far in Ljig, Raska, Knic, Kraljevo, Merosina, Vladicin Han and Lucani. In addition, we look forward to the opening ceremony of the ninth school in Jalovnik, that will take place soon.

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