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NDF Brings Presents for Children in Foster Care

by , Posted on 21st Dec 2014

Novak Djokovic Foundation brings joy to us – This nice message was written on the big panel in one of the rooms for the children in Foster Care and Adoption Center in Kragujevac!

Our friends called us to spend a wonderful day together. But, we couldn’t show up empty handed, right? We know these kids lack so many things, and that most of them never experienced Christmas holidays like their more fortunate peers. The least we could do was bring them many nicely decorated and wrapped presents. It was all just for them. Their faces were brightened with happiness,  and ours with delight.

Big thanks to C&A for supporting this traditional NDF’s campaign. Around 160 carefully selected presents brought the true spirit of the holidays among boys and girls aged 3-10. We arranged for two Santas to entertain the kids and hand out presents in the main hall of the primary school “Stanislav Sremcevic”.


Maja Jovanovic, NDF project manager, said that we are more than happy to continue our cooperation with the Foster Care and Adoption Center.

Last year we brought smiles to children in foster care in Belgrade. Today we are here in Kragujevac with these presents. Hope the kids like them. Loss of parental home leaves these children, especially little ones, sad and vulnerable. They often long for family and family love. People who take children without parental care in their families and try to give them lots of love are truly big-hearted. For the Foster Care and Adoption Center the most important are welfare of children and development of their potential. Due to the fact that children who don’t live with their parents are very sensitive, constant support is needed. Furthermore, NDF has joined the project “Supporting Families at Risk”, with the aim to strengthen the family at risk of having their children removed from their care, as well as urgent foster care programs. Today we want to make New Year holidays even more beautiful, both to children and their foster parents, so that we all can welcome 2015 filled with lots of positive energy – said Jovanovic.

Representatives from C&A said that corporate social responsibility is important and essential part of their business philosophy. In addition to that, their main objective is to create conditions for children to grow up, play, learn and develop their potential in the best possible way.

Through our project C&A Initiative for Social Development we support and provide funds for various project in many countries of our suppliers, as well as for local markets where we have our branch offices. We are more than glad to join this wonderful campaign and help providing New Year presents for the children from Foster Care and Adoption Center in Kragujevac. Smiles on their faces speak more than a thousand words, said C&A representatives.


Slavisa Sorak, director of the Foster Care and Adoption Center in Kragujevac, was also pleased. He said:

In order to be able to protect children without parental care and deal with many challenges regarding this issue, we need all the help and support we can get. We are proud to say that NDF is one of our partners. As socially responsible organization, you recognized and supported our efforts and helped us achieve our mission. Therefore, we want to thank you on behalf of 500 children and 400 foster families that we currently support. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and we hope to keep on with our cooperation.


Beside C&A, we wish to thank our friends who helped us in this campaign: City Express, Soko Stark, Lavirint toy store, JRJ publishing house, Grafik centar, Cigra – Animation studio for children.

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