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NDF and “Art Ival” company invite you to charity auction

by , Posted on 10th Apr 2014

Foundation “Novak Djokovic” organizes humanitarian auction of artistic chocolate eggs on April 14, at the Belgrade City Assembly, together with “Art Ival” company.

The auction at the Assembly Ceremonial Hall will include 33 hand-made artistic chocolate eggs – showpieces, donated by the “Art Ival”. Those are the true masterpieces, in which a lot of effort and work have been invested.

The aim of this charity event on the eve of the Easter holiday is to raise funds for the “Schools of life – together for childhood” project in the village of Sirca near Kraljevo, and Oblacina in Merosina municipality. All people of goodwill can take part. The plan is to completely rebuild and adapt schools and preschools in these places, to help educators and teachers, and to fill classrooms with children.

Gorana Dzudza Jakovljevic, the NDF project manager, said:

The aim of the auction is to raise funds in order to continue to make creative and stimulating conditions for growing up of children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. We do that through investment in pre-school education and training of teachers and tutors. Our wish is to work all together to ensure that every child in Serbia has the right to grow up and develop in an environment where they can achieve their full potential. Let’s believe in their dreams.

The Novak Djokovic Foundation launched the Schools of Life project last year. Three schools have been opened so far – in Ljig (Kadina Luka), Knic (Gruza) and Raska (Biljanovac). Along with the construction and adaptation work, the Foundation donates all the necessary equipment and training for teachers who work with children. More than 11 million dinars have been invested so far in this project.

Egg is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection, the awakening of spring and new life. The artistic chocolate eggs produced by the “Art Ival” company have become the motive for generous people to gather. By the gesture, they bring back hope to our young citizens and their families of a better life and brighter future.

Detailed report of the opening of the first School of Life in Ljig that was attended by the Founding Chairman of the Foundation, Novak Djokovic, and the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

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