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Jelena Djokovic Presented the “Original” Magazine to Students

by , Posted on 30th Sep 2015

Jelena Djokovic, director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation presented the “Original”, a free magazine for students at the Faculty of Political Sciences on September 29th.

On this occasion she explained that this unique monthly magazine will regularly cover stories and articles of the most influential Serbian journalists, writers, authors and playwrights. The students will also have the opportunity to write for the magazine and demonstrate other talents and creativity.

Amphitheatre at the Faculty of Political Sciences was too small to accommodate all students wishing to find out more about the “Original”. There were the best and most talented future journalists and political scientists, students from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. They were able to share their impressions, ideas and suggestions about the magazine created for them and help the “Original” become even better.

Editors and journalists of the student magazine Marko Prelevic and Veljko Lalic, also attended the presentation, as well as Jovan Stojanovic, director at Direct Media, the leading media agency in the region as a strategic partner and sponsor of the “Original“.

It’s was a great honor and privilege for me to talk to students about the magazine we are very proud of. I witnessed great energy and enthusiasm among the students. They are glad we show concern for young people and care about their future. The students were able to meet the team of editors and journalists who create the “Original”. They shared with us their views, ideas and suggestions and helped us a lot to improve the quality of the magazine. The “Original” promotes values and character traits of a young man living in the modern world: he fights for his better future and fosters patriotic feelings towards his country and a sense of social responsibility. He is also proactive – he does not wait for the opportunities to arise but makes his own. Our Foundation supports the same values and students believe in them too as they are part of their moral system – said Jelena Djokovic.

In addition, Jelena revealed the plans to keep hosting similar events at the universities throughout Serbia in the forthcoming period. The goal is to gain valuable insights into the topics most appealing to young people and deal with them in the magazine.

An hour and a half of dynamic and fruitful presentation ended quickly. Director of the Novak Djokovic Foundation was more than pleased with plenty of interesting and creative ideas and suggestions she got from the students.

Some of them suggested we should focus more on promoting books as the basics of quality education. The students also wanted to find out how to make a good impression on future employers – how to write a CV and how to behave at job interviews. Surely, these are the topics we’ll try to cover in the next issues. We are also planning to organize seminars and training courses related to this matter in order to enable them to put the theory into practice. There was also an excellent idea to publish articles about small towns, villages and municipalities in Serbia. They are not only places where some of the best Serbian students were born and grew up in but also treasure many buildings and monuments important for the history of our country. This idea I find particularly interesting, as Serbia is far more than Belgrade, and students are well aware of that – said director of the Foundation.

The “Original” magazine has been launched with the aim to get the students more engaged and interested in culture, education, arts, sports and science. In addition, this monthly magazine has been designed to provide useful guidelines for students to improve their academic performance and ways to tackle their future business challenges. The first issue brings an exclusive interview with Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the world’s most influential fashion magazine “Vogue”. There is also the interview with Serbian volleyball legend Vladimir Grbic, the story about the tourist attractions in Rome, the article regarding the most successful IT company Nordeus and a lot more.

Some of the most influential Serbian journalists, playwrights and writers, including Branko Rosic, Dejan Stojljkovic, Igor Marojevic, Zeljko Pantelic write for the “Original”.

The magazine will be available for free to students at the universities, while others can buy their copy at newsstands.


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