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Jelena Djokovic Presented Original Magazine in the Most Popular TV Show in Serbia

by , Posted on 3rd Oct 2015

Jelena Djokovic, as a special guest at the Serbian talk show, presented Original magazine, a free magazine for students in Serbia. Education is free today. If you are interested in something, it is your and not anyone else’s responsibility to learn it, said Jelena during the show.

Director of Novak Djokovic Foundation, Jelena Djokovic, was a special guest at the Serbian talk show on Prva TV, hosted by Ivan Ivanovic. Jelena presented the “Original”, a free magazine for students in Serbia. On that occasion, she explained that this project was launched to give the opportunity for the young people in our country to express their talents and works, to help them learn something new, to read about quality things that might me missing in the other media outlets.

We founded this magazine because we believe our students deserve to have something with great quality. They deserve to read topics that will educate them and give them perspective. All the articles are written in a way to be easy and enjoyable to read, giving them the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, but also giving them variety of topics to discuss with their colleagues. We have selected the best journalists with great credibility. Novak is supporting us and we really believe we are on a good track – said Jelena.

In the first issue of the magazine students can read the exclusive interview with Anna Wintour. However, there is something else on the cover page – graphic work of a young artist from Nis.

The name of the magazine “Original” speaks for itself. Anna Wintour is a big brand on its own, very successful and very respected woman in the world of fashion and beyond. But in our magazine we turn all the lights toward the youth and talk about culture, art, education. We didn’t present Anna through her connections, or what she wears and who sits next to her in first row. We have talked to her about her experiences and showed something that will be inspiring and useful for students. On the cover of our magazine is the work of art by this young guy. Artists will continue sending us their work because that is exactly what we want to highlight.

Jelena explained that the entire team in the Novak Djokovic Foundation strongly believes in this project.

This is a big project and we plan to keep growing it. We will keep visiting universities in order to speak with students about their needs and interests. Apart from that, we will bring to them practical knowledge by talking with large corporations and businessmen and asking them to open their doors for students. We keep hearing how our students don’t do anything, how there are no job opportunities for them… But we want to prove them wrong! We want to prove that there are jobs and there are opportunities but only if we look in the right direction, with the right perspective in mind.

The director of the Foundation announced some new ideas and plans for the future.

When I was a student, I was part of the mentorship program. CEOs of big companies were volunteering their time to our university in order to help hard-working students by sharing their experiences and contacts. It was a very helpful to give them sense of direction and understanding of what they do. We will start this program too, and I would love to see our successful students and businessmen join us, because I believe it will help them understand better why they learn all those things in school and what will await them when they graduate. Right now, they are wondering why they have to study so much and most of the times they say “I cannot wait to forget all these things”

Jelena added she believes that we need to take any opportunity to learn more, to improve our knowledge. That doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Education is free today. As much as we talk about expensive tuition fees of universities and schools, the reality is, knowledge is available to us everywhere. We shouldn’t blame professors and books for giving us too much information. We need to focus on what we like or else there will always be someone else to blame for not knowing something. They complain “he talked too much so I couldn’t understand what was the point”. The bottom line is – if you are interested in something, it is your and not anyone else’s responsibility to learn it – concluded Jelena.

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