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Jelena Djokovic Opened Our 44th Reconstructed Kindergarten

by , Posted on 30th Sep 2019

The reconstructed kindergarten called “Čarolija” (Magic) will as of today provide 75 new spots for children from the Svilajnac municipality. Our Foundation invested over 162.000 USD in the reconstruction and furnishing of an additional 420 m2 of working space belonging to the “Dečja radost” (Children’s Joy) pre-school institution.

The project pertained to the reconstruction of 3 working rooms and a common area on the first floor of the building, which allowed the creation of three new groups for pre-school age children. The opening of the 44th kindergarten adapted by the Foundation was attended by our global director Jelena Djokovic.


“Providing equal opportunities to children from all parts of our country is the mission of the Novak Djokovic Foundation and something we strive toward at all times. We have been cooperating with “Dečja radost” pre-school institution and Svilajnac municipality since 2014, when we had reconstructed and adapted the pre-school institution after floods, and it is our pleasure to return for such a nice occasion. We always associate September with great beginnings, and the expansion of the capacities of the existing kindergarten is an encouraging beginning for children who will be able to learn, play and get true support here,” said Jelena Djokovic.

So far, our Foundation had invested more than EUR 470,000 into adaptation, construction, and furnishing of pre-school institutions in Svilajnac. Mayor of Svilajnac Predrag Manojlovic expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for its continued support and efforts to provide children with conditions for a happier childhood.


“We are not just partners on this project. For five years we have been working with Novak Djokovic Foundation and if it wasn’t for them, our children wouldn’t even have been able to go back to kindergarten after the floods. I am thankful for this great project, as well as for helping open pre-school institutions at numerous villages. We think that all children in the world, in Serbia, Svilajnac, and neighbouring villages need to have equal conditions for learning and playing. All citizens of the Svilajnac municipality are happy and proud that we have Novak Djokovic Foundation as our partner,” says Predrag Milanovic, Mayor of Svilajnac.

In addition to construction work and reconstruction of the premises, for the furbishing of the Čarolija kindergarten, new furniture, didactics, toys, books and all accompanying audio equipment were provided in order to make the children’s stay as great as possible.

“I am very proud to have the honour to start the new work year in new premises, owing great thanks to Novak Djokovic Foundation and our founder, the Svilajnac municipality. We now have high quality conditions for accommodating children, with rooms which are equipped in accordance with their age, with necessary didactic and play material for carrying out educational work in accordance with the pre-school program. Since early development is one of the most important processes in growing up, children will enjoy the stimulating environment, and will be able to express their full development potential, in a space where they can learn and acquire new knowledge through play,” says Danijela Cuknic, head of “Dečja radost” pre-school institution.

“Čarolija” kindergarten is the 44th kindergarten in Serbia renovated and adapted by Novak Djokovic Foundation. This project was supported by companies Toza Marković, Tarkett, Enmon, Henkel-Ceresit, JUB, Goodwill Pharm doo, Panasonic Lighting Devices Serbia and Transfera doo.


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