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Jelena Djokovic has been awarded the Best Innovation in Education Award at the WEBIT conference

by , Posted on 27th Jun 2018

Jelena Djokovic, national director of the Novak Doković Foundation, has been awarded the prestigious Best Innovation in Education award, which she received last evening, at the WEBIT Europe 2018 festival, held in Sofia. It is one of the most prestigious European events, gathering global business leaders, best managers and most perspective founders from the world of entrepreneurship.

Jelena Djokovic has won the award in competition with Esther Wojcicki,  member of the European Commission for Digital Economy and Society, Darin Madzharov,  founder and director of the  (a translation of which is I teach myself) startup,  Steve Dann, co-founder and director of the ’’Medical Realities’’ company and  Robert  C. Wolcott , professor of Innovations at the ’’Kellogg Innovation Network’’

It is with a great pride that I am receiving this award on behalf of the brilliant team of the Novak Djoković Foundation. Bearing in mind that my competitors were people that I highly appreciate, who have achieved incredible results in the field of education, I am perceiving this award as a symbolical one, because they were the people that I’ve been learning from. I am so happy that more and more people are joining our mission and believe that we can improve both economy and society by investing in education. It is a firm determination of our Foundation and we have been investing considerable amounts of money in various projects over the past 10 years, so that children could get an adequate education and be better enabled for all the competitions that are awaiting them in life.

If we want children who are the champions of their lives – then we must provide them with knowledge and create conditions for them to develop strong personalities, which would prepare them to change the world for the better.

We continue our journey encouraged by this award, as a recognition of the facts that we are on the right track and that there are people who share our mission, both in Europe and all around the world – Jelena said.

The Conference, held on June 26th and 27th  had as many as 7.000 visitors from 100 countries, among whom are heads of states, ministers, city mayors, members of the European Parliament, investors, innovators and scientists, and the Program also included a selection of the 200 prominent startups in Europe.

I would like to give praise to the organizers of this event, for gathering the people who are changing the world for the better and also for doing it in Sofia, a city whose name means wisdom. I hope that that we shall also be capable of creating changes and innovations by our ‘’Dare to be Original’’ project  – Jelena added.

People from the Foundation all desire to provide conditions for the children from socially vulnerable categories to grow, play and develop in a stimulating, creative and safe environment, learning, at the same time, to respect others and care about the world around them.  Presenting Jelena Djoković, the host of the event emphasized the fact that she was also the founder of the Original Magazine, which supports young people to dream and live their dreams.

All the burden in education should not be slipped to the shoulders of teachers. We all share a responsibility of participating in this process, in various roles – as parents, friends, extended family, through work. Each of us can share some of our knowledge and experience with others. After all, the phenomenon of social networks has become so popular nowadays exactly because of that inherent people’s need to share information, experiences. The whole system, though, might have gone to another extreme, but the significance of learning is something that does not ever change and does not fall under trends

– these were, among others, Jelena’s words during the panel discussion on the topic of education.


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