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Important notice for all our current and future donors

by , Posted on 5th Mar 2019

In the past few days, an attempt has been made to abuse the name and work of our co- founder, Novak Djokovic. Someone impersonating our co-founder has been reported to have been approaching people through Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts, asking them for individual donations to help sick children.

Please note that this has nothing to do with the Foundation, nor with our co-Founder.

Our mission is to invest in early childhood development and education programs in Serbia with the goal of enabling every child in Serbia to have access to high-quality early years programs. We do this by:

  • opening preschools in places with long preschool waiting lists and no infrastructure,
  • professionally training teachers so they can work with the children in their care following the latest research in the area of ECD,
  • supporting parents through our “Support Not Perfection” program,
  • educating teachers, parents, and children about the benefits of balanced nutrition through our “ABC of Better Me” program,
  • investing in research in the area of early childhood development,
  • and supporting youth through our platform “Original” so they can live their own success story.

We communicate about our work and our campaigns ONLY through verified pages on social networks, our website, and the official email addresses. We never implement random or urgent campaigns aimed at collecting funds for assistance in the treatment of individual cases and we do not ask you to wire money to unrelated accounts.

We take great care of ensuring that everything our team does is transparent and that all our donors are happy knowing that their money is invested in helping children in Serbia have better early years experience.

That’s why our team today is extremely aggravated that the Foundation’s followers and donors, as well as fans of our co-founder Novak Djokovic, have been exposed to such inconveniences. We are vigilant and act immediately when anomalies are detected or reported. We are grateful for your crucial support notifying suspicious messages and activities.

So if you have been approached by someone asking you to wire funds to an account that has nothing to do with the Foundation, please notify us and kindly report to the digital police authority. The Foundation collects funds ONLY through our online platform. We give wire transfer information to our donors upon request only, and only through someone from the Foundation’s team using the official Foundation email address.

You can find all the necessary donation information on our website at this link.

Thank you for understanding,

The Novak Djokovic Foundation team

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