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Grand Opening of Kindergarten “Veseljko”

by , Posted on 4th Feb 2015

Kindergarten “Veseljko”, the largest preschool facility in Obrenovac, has officially opened today by the representatives of Novak Djokovic Foundation and Mr. Siniša Mali, the Mayor of Belgrade.

The Foundation has provided funds for full reconstruction of this flooded kindergarten, in the amount of 622.200 EUR This has been the single largest donation for the reconstruction and equipping of preschool facilities severely damaged by devastating floods in Serbia.

NDF Veseljko Otvaranje-3

Central kitchen in “Veseljko”, which provides meals for around 4,500 children from all five kindergartens within PI “Perka Vićentijević” in Obrenovac, has been completely renovated. Now it’s very functional, fully equipped, built according to the highest food safety and hygiene standards. Within the kitchen, there are now premises for preparing desserts, lunch, pastry, meat, as well as a special premise for cooking meals for children who have food allergies. The kitchen is equipped with the latest kitchen appliances, such as fruit and vegetable cleaning machines. A separate exit and entrance ramps have been built for food distribution vehicles.

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During the ribbon-cutting ceremony Gorana Džudža Jakovljević, NDF project manager, said that NDF donated 695.900 EUR in total for the reconstruction of flooded preschool facilities in Obrenovac. In this respect, 73.700 EUR have been invested for equipping “Ciciban” and “Zeka” kindergartens.

During our first visit to “Veseljko”, it was evident that the facility had sustained damage beyond repair due to flooding and it needed full reconstruction. Unfortunately, everything in this kindergarten (total area of 1.418 m2) was destroyed, the furniture, didactic materials, toys, entire woodwork and the kitchen. Therefore, reconstruction of this kindergarten was not only our largest donation, but also the biggest project we diligently worked on in the last four months.

The greatest challenge was the renovation of the central kitchen. But, we managed to complete all the works. We are more than proud of the looks of it today, and of the fact that it meets all the required standards. I would like to express my gratitude to our partners and friends – Knauf Insulation for donating insulation materials, Henkel for being responsible for floor laying and painting works, as well as to JRJ publishing house from Belgrade for the books they donated. I believe we have fulfilled the expectations. Moreover, we are glad for being able to make all these children, their parents and teachers, smile and happy again said Džudža Jakovljević.

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All five kindergartens in Obrenovac suffered extensive damage due to severe flooding in mid-May last year. However, I would stress the importance kindergarten “Veseljko” has for our entire preschool institution, since here is the central kitchen which provides meals for all the children within PI “Perka Vićentijević”. Thus, I would like to thank Novak Djokovic Foundation on behalf of our preschool institution, our town and on my own behalf too, for making this kindergarten even better and nicer place than it has ever been before. Now these kids can enjoy, learn, play and have fun with their friends in this modern, new and well equipped facility – said Miloš Desančić, director of PI “Perka Vićentijević”.

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In the last four months NDF team was monitoring construction, mechanical and electrical works as well as the works on heating installations, water supplies and sewage systems to make sure that everything was carried out as it was previously planned. New distribution system of fire hydrants was completely installed throughout the entire facility, along with water supply and sewage distribution system. In addition, the kindergarten got a new fully functional central heating system. New gutter system was installed and the roof was repaired. All facade works were carried out and PVC carpentry was placed. Access ramp from the gate to the yard and entry ramp to the kindergarten were constructed. After the new cement screed was poured throughout the facility and floor laying works were finished, the kindergarten was fully equipped with new furniture and didactic materials. In addition, rooms for kindergarten staff were renovated and equipped as well. All hardware in the yard was protected and repainted, including playgrounds. Concrete works and final landscaping of recreational court were carried out.

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