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Friendship without Borders

by , Posted on 28th Sep 2013

The first camp “Friendship Games”, with more than 50 primary school children from Serbia, will be held on Kopaonik mountain, on October 3-6, organized by Novak Djokovic Foundation.

The boys and girls from the municipalities of Knić, Ljig and Raška thus will be able to socialize, make new friends, enjoy various interesting programs and workshops during these four days at “Friendship games”, the event which should become a tradition in NDF. The children, aged from seven to 10, all come from the municipalities categorized as some of the poorest in Serbia, in which NDF implements project “Schools of life – together for childhood”, with support from Center for Interactive Pedagogy CIP, from Belgrade.

The motto of our “Friendship games” will be “Friendship without borders”, along with other messages the kids have already created:“Instead of competing, we work together”, “We don’t conquer, we share, so that all of us are happy”, “We don’t ask where you come from, we are just happy when we are together”, “We meet, so that we have new friends all around Serbia”.

Among other things, the children will be able to learn interesting facts about nature and history of Kopaonik mountain, one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia. Kids could join art and creative workshops, watch movies in a mini-cinema, or be part of numerous games and group activities. One of them is “Don’t get angry man”, a very popular interactive game in Serbia, modified for this occasion. The kids cross fields with the help of their team, by fulfilling small tasks. Balloons, clubs, balls, hula hoop rings, water buckets, body paints, ropes and other things have been already prepared. Playing this game, children will learn more about team values and virtues, through fan and laughter. There will be other games, as well, such as “wandering scarf” (speed and orientation skills), “matches” (aim is to develop team spirit and concentration), “knots” (scouts show how to tie five basic scout knots, explain their meaning and usage), “road signs” and many more… The children will also make the special “Tree of friendship”, certain musical instruments, little flowers made of cardboard, masks, do hairstyles, learn about recycling…

“Friendship Games” will also be attended by Jelena Ristić, CEO of the Foundation, who will join the children in their activities. All the kids and their teachers or parents, will have a nice accommodation in “Konaci” hotel. Partners and friends of the Foundation – CIP (Center for Interactive Pedagogy), Young Scouts of Serbia and UNICEF and many others also contributed to the event organization.

Our volunteers will be also there, responsible for creating a good atmosphere. During the “Friendship Games” they will spend time with the children, play with them and be part of various activities.

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